this site was hacked by thew Hackweiser Crew 2k....
things i need to say:
Hw has started "Global Domination" 2k... are goal? mass disstruction? no... mass hacks? maybe... what we mean by this is, to start defacing sites... to most defacing is lame... but what other ways do we have to show how we feel? none really.. i mean like stop with all the ./rds shit and hack a real site... make a diffence... dont let the net be like the real world today...
much lub to the following peeps:

b33rcan: wazzavi
gu1n3ss: nigg0rFED!
seksi: much lub
fr0st: fjear
mosthated: peace
zenomorph: ure email almost rdy bro...
BaDaSSSS: the truth is in the eye of the beholder...
th1nk: pimpen it.
dm3: supz
sabu: y0
rsh: hey guys...
ptb: sup to most of u
hell: original homeboy
acidremix: y0
attrition: hey, thnx
safemode: sup zillion

How to set up a tele-conf by phel0n of hackweiser...

someones name,address,#,etc.
SEing skills

this has to be a personalized fone... one thats in a hotel or by a gas station... a personalized payfone is a fone owned by the company right by it...they arnt hard to find...


easy to find... look in fone book.. make sure u have first.last name...


well when u have all this dial 1-800-232-1234.... from a parsonalized pay-fone... and ask to make a new folder... they will ask you for your info so tell her... try to sound like an adult! SEing is like playing a game... i have to win.. trick your enemy... then she will say shit like she has to varify and that she will call u back.. at that time... give her the pay-fones #... and wait for her call... then its pretty easy , she will give u a folder ID n shit like that.. then to set the conf up she will ask:

op: what time will you want the conf?
u: whenever u want it!
op: ok, how many ports or guests?
u: 10 please with the port exspansion...
op: ok
op:for how long will this conf be?
u: 3 hours should be good...
op: ok, i have it set for whenever , with 10 ppl with the port exspansion and for 3 hours long, your 1-888 or 1-877 dial in # is <blah> your host pin is <blah> your guest pin is <blah>...
u: thank you, oh and what was your name again?
op: linda (or whatever)
u: why thank you linda.. u where very much help..
op: thank you for using at&t

u did it bish....

ok the hackweiser crew has just hooked u up wit instructions on how to start a teleconfrence... your welcome... for any question email us.