What do we want?

Global awareness on Kashmir ISSUE and India to stop trying to declare Pakistan a terrorist group.


Indians are fags




This site defaced with a view to be a general nuisance (or however it's spelt) and to poke fun at the stupid cunts called the Indians


Remember One thing you Indian lesbians and fags.

Previous Work (Arhived here)
Country Targeted: India (The Country of Fags)



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hackernews.com, Tr1be Crew packetstorm.securify.org, self-evident.com,  hack.co.za rest of #!GFORCE and Freedom

fighters of Kashmir (the mujhaideens) oh and #lecole oh and safemode.org, mad shouts to all freedom fighter in

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we've missed

Fuck Offs: ball licker of all hackers, Doggy^ , dude you give lamers a bad name! may the voulchars eat

every bunghole when you die ( that is gonna be soon) All lamers at #delusion t3rmity, and all suckers.

Fuck off's to hacker weiser or what ever you ./msrdc kiddies get a life!


Admin: sorry, nothing harmed, just logs deleted.


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