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Well, if you look at Jammu (held) Kashmir closely today, it is inevitable to notice the changes that have taken place, or should we say, forced by the Indian Government. It is obvious that no Kashmiri is happy with the way things are being handled by the Indian Militants, and who would be? Especially when your family/your humble neighbours/your relatives get either brutally murdered or relentlessly sodomized by the so called "Veer Jawans" of India. The following is an extract from a Kashmiri newspaper and it requires YOUR attention!


Pak wants impartial probe into massacre: Sattar

The killing of at least 90 people in Kashmir on Tuesday night was a horrible crime and India should allow international humanitarian organisations and foreign journalists to determine responsibility, foreign minister Abdul Sattar said in an interview with Reuters Television here on Thursday.

Sattar repeated Pakistanís assertion it had no role in the ceasefire announced on July 24 by Hizbul Mujahideen but said Islamabad would like to see a comprehensive ceasefire involving all militant groups. "Not only Pakistan but India itself can exercise influence to change the direction in Kashmir away from violence to a political and peaceful approach," he said.

He said that the United States should also ask India to allow an investigation into the massacres. A US national security council spokesman said on Wednesday the United States was talking to the Pakistanis to encourage them to use their influence to help bring the violence in Kashmir to an end.

Asked if Clinton had also talked to chief executive General Pervez Musharraf, Sattar said no such call had been received as of Thursday morning. But he said if such an approach was made, we will say what I have already said (about the matter).

"We would like the United States to ask India to permit impartial investigations. Otherwise the Indian desire to blame Pakistan conceals a deeper desire to divert attention...from savage repression in Kashmir," he said. "We would welcome an impartial, neutral, third-party mechanism." He said the Indian government allowed only very restricted access to foreign journalists in Kashmir.

The foreign office dismissed Indian allegations of derailing the peace process and said New Delhiís accusations were to malign Islamabad and Kashmiri freedom fighters. "Indian must end all violence against the Kashmiri people and Kashmir freedom movement and reduce its forces present in Indian Kashmir which is necessary for progress towards a just settlement of this long- standing issue," the Foreign Office spokesman added.

He said Indian allegations were intended to malign Pakistan and Kashmir freedom movement and Pakistan rejects such allegations. When asked about the dialogue offer of Hizbul Mujahideen to New Delhi, the spokesman said Pakistan had already stated that this was part of the dynamics of the freedom struggle in Kashmir. "It is the leaders of the freedom movement who are the best judge to carry the struggle for the realisation of their right to self-determination as has been demanded by the UN Security Council and recognised by India," he added. Reaffirming Islamabadís position, he said Pakistan had already condemned the killing of civilians in attacks in Kashmir. Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf has also condemned violence against the civilians.

India not interested in probe: Pak FO


When we speak of the Kashmiris, we speak for not only the vast majority of Muslims living there, but also the Sikhs and other people that undergo such maltreatment by the Indians (You are Kashmiris, not Indians!).

The Indian public has been misguided and are unaware of such atrocious feats committed by their own "Veer Jawans" or those whom they call "Vijay Jyotis". Quite frankly, this has to stop and that's what this is all about. No one wants to damage or cause harm to anyone else unless they really mean it, and if you (Indian system admin) were unaware of the above and strongly believe that what has been done in Kashmir by the Indian Government is wrong, selfish and undesireable, you're on our side, (cheers!). Admin, thanks for supporting our cause.

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