Uh oh.... Herbless strikes again....
"..another one bytes the dust..."

You guys want to try securing your web-server - it took 2 seconds to get complete control. Send me an email if you want to know how to patch things up. Or just keep going as you were...

Hmm, lets see... a typical hacker rant... Oh, I've got one: Colonize Mars. Now. We've already fucked the Earth up, lets get our astronauts onto the Red Planet and using some of that water to start the habitation programme. Maybe our grandchildrens grandchildren will be able to perform scientific research there as a start to our colonisation of our solar system. Just watch out for the global warming phenomenon.

Oh yeah: please don't build anymore nuclear weapons. The fighting between you lot and Pakistan could end up in nuclear warfare - and nobody with a brain could possibly want that. If even a fraction of the resources used to design, build, test and maintain these weapons was put into alternative energy and coming up with schemes to end third-world poverty, the world would quickly become a better place. Stop the paranoia about "oh, but our neighbours have got these nukes, so we need them too". Fuck off. Put down your guns, build a better place to live and soon people and business will be rushing to get into your country - ending up with a more prosperous place all round.

Build networks not nukes. Share your knowledge.

However, there is some knowledge it would not be fair to share: the contents of this server. SECURE IT NOW. The public have trusted you with their data and you have abused that trust.

Greets to MaxTM(fucking criminal :), The Sourcerer, Control(learn better english man), Alys(Love, peace)

"I just love owning .gov servers"

You can get to AP Telecoms here

Admin: nothing damaged. Original file saved as "index.old.htm"