Uh oh.... Herbless strikes again....
"..another one bytes the dust..."

You guys want to try securing your web-server - it took 2 seconds to get complete control. Send me an email if you want to know how to patch things up. Or just keep going as you were...

Hmm, lets see... a typical hacker rant... Oh, I've got one: Colonize Mars. Now. We've already fucked the Earth up, lets get our astronauts onto the Red Planet and using some of that water to start the habitation programme. Maybe our grandchildrens grandchildren will be able to perform scientific research there as a start to our colonisation of our solar system. Just watch out for the global warming phenomenon.

Here's another one: whatever the hype, don't get confused - the price of petrol in the UK is over 70% tax. Don't listen to the bullshit about how it's due to "high oil prices" because it's not. Boycott the pumps people. Check out alternative energy. Don't be a slave to the government's media machine.

One final thing: hackers are not evil. We are not the spawn of satan.... well most of us, anyway. We hack websites/government computers/whatever for one reason only: because we can. No matter how we try and dress it up, it's the basic truth. Maybe one day we'll grow up... but you'd better hope not because then the chances are we'd do something really bad. Remember what the L0pht said - ".. we could take down the internet in under 30 minutes...". You'd better hope some of us grow up into cybercops - not cyberterrorists. Yes people, the Germans have assimilated a whole heap of their most talented hackers into a group to combat cyberterrorism... the King of Jordan has done the same thing... the Americans have the Red Team... ask yourself - "who do we have?". The answer is "people like me". We are your future defense. As you're cursing my name for breaking into your site, console yourself with the knowledge that in 20 years, people like me could be in a position to help prevent a cyber-meltdown. Maybe I'll have grown up by then, too.....

Greets to MaxTM(fucking criminal :), The Sourcerer, Control(learn better english man), Alys(Love, peace)


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