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You know and we know it - building useful web sites requires some pretty remarkable skills. To do it, you need to balance technical brilliance, design genius, and marketing savvy.

Forgot security, didn't we? <G>

Ok, now we are supposed to highlight the 'butt'(?) genius of the animals called the Hindus, but do we really need to?

The answer?


The world needs to know (as if!) !@#$!

Bah!, lets talk about ONE Indian... Jaswanth 'i-love-to-suck-my-own-cock' Singh. The faggot, most of the time, is busy misguiding the world and the already delusioned Indian public about what actually happened in Kargil i.e. when he is not busy doing what he does best (see earlier comment).

Bah, forget it.. let the faggots have their fun, at least while they are celeberating, none of them is dying from Pakistani bullets. <G>

So, how do you guys like the cool trail etc? Nice eh? Yes! we were bored, and Yes.. we love GlitchX :>

Oh, we almost forgot.. a special message to the SysAdmin...

'Doodh nahin piyo gey tau aisa hi hooga!'

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