Smart Solutions my ass :)

Perhaps you should think again. Go elsewhere. Find someone who takes the time to change the default passwords on their servers.

In a world of e-commerce, internet security should be a priority. However, some companies (ie, this one) are only interested in one thing - your money. They spend considerable time and effort in developing a web presence that will tempt as many people as possible to spend their hard earned cash... and neglect to secure the site. This is a deadly mixture of greed and lazyness that bespeaks an attitude of "it'll never happen to us". Well, it has.

You will be pleased to know that this website still has default passwords enabled, which requires no sophisicated hacking techniques to get it. In fact, I'm surprised that no-one broke in earlier.

Please note that I've changed none of the data on this machine - although I have absolute control of it - and have not deleted or in any way tampered with data. To get things back to normal just copy the the intro.old.html back over this file and everything will be as it was. Email me if you want to know how to close this hole. If you can't figure it out yourselves.

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Yes, there's a hidden message. Useless sysadmins should be (a) fired, or (b) educated. Take your pick.