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I would like to give shout outs to the other members of RSH [Root Shell Hackers] like datagram, biosdisk, dobe, puck, piffy, rootx11 etc... Its 2:30 a.m. and im really fuqin tired, once im done with this im going to sleep. I would also like to shout out to everyone on webnet, like wired, pestilence, eklypse, xtc, Hackronym, sirgrim and his bitchin bot grimbot, tricker, rootgoat, SellOut, and all those fuqs that know me from webnet. Also shout outs to all of those pranking kings on efnet #prankradio, keep up the good work warbux and phewl. Well thats it for the shout out, if ur not on here, just to let you know i cant think straigth anymore, i have been on the comp 15 hours a day for the past three days and have only eaten three times, so sorry if ur not in here, u now who i am and thats all that matters. - lates ya fuqs <@:) [southpark all the way baby!]

Sysadmin Message

I know that you may not even uderstand what the hell this means, but, i have not tampered with any of ur other files, other then editing my logs and this page that u see before you. The original file has been moved to index2.html in the same directory. I suggest that ur government spends more time on keeping on top of their computer security, because there is a cyber war going on, and u have just been another casuality of war.