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~Thanks for rubbing my bottle~

Life is not the same without you I miss all the special things we shared together I really miss you a lot more than words can ever express

When you lose that dog what do you do? You get off your ass and you find that fucking dog!
Yes I did lose the string.
You can always hold the remote control.
Lazy eye.
Peanut butter and jelly Pickles?
Bump your desk?
Next time you hear jimb0s brothers cousins friends sister and her bf hacked the school webpage you really know who did it
I always like to face the window when I sleep
Recall the hammock when we had hard times
The list
Who has a hairy butt?
Look at the brightest star?
I wear my T hat all the time =]

A few reasons I fell madly in lub with j00
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nothing against nemesystem here (dhc owns us) but the article that zdnet wrote, like many written by the media, was not good, at all
we do not do this to cause harm to anyone, it is, like many people say, but more should be saying, a learning experience on our part, and a change to show people how bad security is on some products produced by 'so called' market leaders are, like Microsoft and Apache, although it is rarely them that finds the exploits for there own products, they leave that up to people like us, and then try to prosecute us, along with the US Government , for showing what can be done with there faults. People like ytcracker and others currently facing criminal charges showed the .gov how bad the situation was, and from my opinion, had them running scared.