For the vast majority of time since 1947, the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir pursued non-violent methods to get the referendum held. The Kashmiri people are now fighting to implement what has been promised to them. They want to come out of the physiological limbo of not knowing if they are Indian, Pakistani or Kashmiri. They want the matter sorted once and for all.

It is high time to sort this issue out for the following reasons:

Over 50,000 Kashmiri's have been killed since 1990.

Over 1,000 Indian army people have been killed since 1990.

Its time India lived up to its promises.

The whole of South Asia is unstable due to this problem, especially now that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. Two great nations namely Pakistan and India have to spend enormous amount of money on their armed forces because of this problem. When India and Pakistan takes 5 steps forward the Kashmir issue takes them back 6 steps. There has never been a better time to sort this problem. The cold war has ended, we are at the dawn of the 21st century and the potential consequences of not sorting it out are two high to contemplate. Neither Pakistan, India nor Kashmir will win in the war, especially if it goes nuclear.


Its about time INDIA, this is what kashmir is


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