*sigh* Admin, your site's security has been comprised.
Nothing has been damaged on your system. We have patched the hole. All you have to do is mv indexbak.html index.html. Don't bother saying this hack cost your company any ca$h :)

you have been owned by SJ and bighawk
.jp sux ass. 99% of the servers in japan are vulnerable to something or another, which kind of surprises me considering they are so far ahead in technology.. oh well to be honest i couldnt give a fuck, it's no loss to me, i dont think we are gona go anymore .jp sites, simply because we dont know japanese so we cant tell the admin how to secure his shit properly..we hack to make the internet a more secure place. Admins learn by failure and we help them by patching the exploit and emailing them explaining what the exploit was and how to prevent future break-ins

            ,           ,
           /(           ) `
           \  \__      /   |
            /- _ `- /     '
          (/ \  /   \ \         /\
          /    /      | `          \
         O  O    )             |
          `-^--'`<         '
         (_.)   _ )           /
           `.___/`          /
            `-----'  /
<----.  __   / __  \
<----|====O)))==)  \)  /=============
<----'    `--'   `.__,' \

Shouts: Ph33r-the-b33r, ne0h, diesl0w, ArbitraryCode Project.

Hacked by Starman_Jones & bighawk

Now let's have a little focus on Gerrie Mansur:
You, fame seeking, Mongol. Saying you are full of ethics? You dont have ANY ethics.. Telling, you're NOT a scriptkid? HAHA You are the biggest media-loving cunt...Silly cracker

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