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This defacement brought to you by 'DOG' [ Diabolical Organic Gases ] ... don't ask!

"Center for Advanced Technology [ CAT ] is a research center under the Department of Atomic Energy, dedicated to research and development in the field of advanced technologies like accelerators, lasers, cryogenics and plasma."

Should we be impressed or should we be thrilled at the incompetence of our *puke* neigh*eck*bours. Well one thing is for certain, if this is the level of security at a research center run by the department of Atomic Energy, India should be spanked and their nukes (that is IF they have any) be taken away. We however seriously doubt this nation's (IF it may be called that) nuclear (read UNclear) capabilities after reading what the US Department Of Whatever had to say about their UNclear Arse-null.

Ok now, you might have noticed that we were away from the defacement scene for a while but rest assured we have been quite busy n00k1ng Indian server admins' arses. Fear us! for we now have even MORE cunt-roll !! *diabolical laughter in the background*

Let the world know that Kashmir will soon be freed from the evil clutches of the Hindu "buniya". Our brethren hold strong in the face of oppression and tyranny and we stand besides them to aid them in whatever way we can.

An example of the elite System Administrators at CAT....

Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
tcp 0 0 cat.cat.gov.in:3128 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 cat.cat.gov.in:4818 www.sexyholes.com:www ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 cat.cat.gov.in:3128 ESTABLISHED

Again, we present the royal finger salute to our beloved Jaswanth Singh.. the bugger with phantom nukes up his arse.

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