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        Manila, Daggett County, Utah
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   Superintendent Gerold R. Erickson 

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Daggett School District 
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     Daggett School District is located in Daggett County Utah, nestled against southern Wyoming and western Colorado. About 80% of the land is under federal control, either US Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management. Daggett County has the smallest population (<700) in Utah, and our district, with approximately 195 students, is likewise the smallest in the state. Schools include Manila Elementary, Flaming Gorge Elementary and  Manila Jr-Sr. High School.   

      The economy is based almost entirely on tourism, ranching, and government employment (state, federal, county and local). The landscape is dominated by Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Uinta Mountains, with pinyon-juniper-sagebrush and lodgepole pine as major vegetation types. Mule deer, wapiti and moose are abundant.   

      Daggett County has two towns, Manila and Dutch John, each with a year-round population of about 200. (A third town, Linwood, is now covered by the waters of the Flaming Gorge.)   

      Despite the small size of our communities and schools, we have invested heavily in the future of our children by infusing each classroom with the implements of technology. We are committed to educating our young people using technological tools to prepare them for their adult lives, which will surely use those same tools.   

Last updated 03 July 2000