Enstyn3 H4s g0t w00t 0n j00r b0x, 0 Mi!
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Okay, So this is supposed to be a "Certified Microsoft Facility". Yes, I know. You guys need those sample files installed, and it's not really your fault since you didn't get notice from Micro$oft about this hole (Admin: C:\ExploitHole.txt) from Microsoft. Even if they did warn you they deserve to burn for distributing a security-hole in a box... That shows you how to "make the most" of your NT system...

Put more sharply, If your teaching security with Microsoft products here then you are doing fine, representing Microsoft 100%.. (According to the Windows NT standard.) If you think i'm just raving on then examine the graph below:

LMAO, Look at that! The number of NT hacks over a 29 day moving adverage! Is it just me or is NT really, really, insecure? it makes me wanna puke with laughter or shock... now let's have a look at the other different (um... better) operating systems:

Yellow: NT, Green: Solaris, White: Linux, Orange: BSD, Purple: All Other
Guess who's the king of the hax0red castle?

--- /OffRecord ---
Those who will accuse me of being a "lamer" for doing this i say:
Get lost! I could have done anything on this system and i only defaced this site for the intent of notifiying them about the security-hole.
Well, My opinion on the "punched in the nose" dilemma is that it's better to have your nose tapped very strongly right now... Rather than have someone kick it 9 feet into your skull later on... mmkay? ... so in essence... i'm kinda doing you a favor admin... ((P.S Admin: Remember --- C:\ExploitHole.txt))
--- /OnRecord ---

Oh, Jezzus...NT Vunerablitiez... I think i'm gonna be sick with shock/laughter ... Didn't Microsoft use'd to be a GOOD company.. I mean my first language was AmigaBasic By Microsoft back in around the '80's.. I liked programming because i started with such a good language but now they can't get anything right, even their own calculator, calc.exe...