U.S.A 's Naval Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography Center

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Reasons for this hack:
  Actually there are 3 reasons ..

Reason # 1 : Because we FUC*iNG could.
Reason # 2 : Because we have a few questions to ask U.S Goverment which were not asked by anyone and when we mailed
                    whitehouse , there was no reply, we hope they do something about it now.
Reason # 3 : Because we want to express our views, emotions and WRATH  for a fuckedup country named as india.

Our Questions For U.S-Govt:

Question # 1 : You guys attacked at iraq because iraq did wrong by attacking kuwait and it was a human rights violation too...are we right ? i guess yes..well its a good thing cuz we also think iraq did wrong by attacking his neighbor islamic brother country and its good that you helped kuwait. we appreciate that , BUT don't you think that india is doing worse than iraq to kashmiri ppl ? don't you think india is violating human fuc*ing rights in kashmir too ? don't you think kashmiri ppl have a right to choose their land's goverment and to live their life by their own will ? If you think YES then why dont you help kashmiris ? why dont you help kashmiris when you have this itch to help ppl whose human rights are getting violated ?

Question # 2 : You guys ask everyone to say "NO to nuclear weapons" and "NOT to use or test nuclear weapons" are we right ? i guess yes .... well we think that you ppl FAILED in your history subject at highschool because if you ppl knew history then you must've known that U.S.A was the one who ATTACKED and KILLED millions and millions of ppl in JAPAN and after that blast no-body has ever attacked any nation with nuclear weapons , you guys were the first and so far the last ones who used nuclear weapon to actually kill humans. And now you guys are not even allowing other countires to even TEST their weapons?
 -WHAT-THE-FUCK  is that ? ????? why are you not allowing others?? Do think that only you ppl have a birth-right to do scientific researchs and create new weapons ? DO YOU OWN SCIENCE ??

Question # 3 : You guys used your sattelites to take snaps of sarghoda nuclear research plant and released the pics on net and
everywhere . Why din't you took snaps of indian nuclear research plant and released it on net ? ? Just because india is a bigger market for you and that you can invest and earn a lot from india? ? Are you guys so greedy and mean ? ? Even if you guys are then we are fine with it, cause everyone is not good BUT then why do you pretend to be so sweet and helpful and the kind of goverment which stands for the right one ?? ? ? ?  Why are you ppl so much TW0-FACED  ??? why  ??????

Question # 4 : Why are you jealous of PAK-CHINA relationship ??  Do you see END of your super-power if pakistan and china stays friends and share their capabilities ??

Question # 5 : Why is american youth so sexually frustrated and all confused and fuckedup ?? ??  Why don't they listen and obey their parents ??  Why do they runaway from their home ?? Why is that their world revolves around GIRLFRIENDS , BoYFRIENDS , DOPE , DRUGS , MONEY and TUPaC STYLE SHIT ?? Why dont you ask your country's youth to get a LIFE ? Why aren't they PATRIOTIC like US ? why  ??

Question # 6 : Why have you stamped hacking as a crime ? Aren't hackers smarter than the admins ? It's just like war and an
 an admin's job in this war is to prevent penetration of hackers into his box and hacker's job is to break down the walls all security walls firewall or waterwall or brickwall ALL THE WALLS walls of hate ,walls of secrets ,walls of evils and then to find a hole and r00t the box . Isn't that for the betterment of internet security ? isn't that good for programmers ? Isn't that good for everyone of us because if there were no hackers then maybe ppl were still stuckedup to win 3.1 then why do you put hackers in jails ??? why dont you worship them ?? why dont you ??? why not ??? why ??? why ??? but why ???

Question # 7 : Why is WWF (world wrestling federation) only in america and uk ? why not in PAKISTAN and other countires? ??  why ??? its name is "world wrestling federation" so it should be all over the world ..Dont you think so ?? Owners of WWF din't know the meaning of the word "world" or what ?? why it is not in PAKISTAN ???

Question # 8 : Top-Gun was a great movie about navy's top pilots. Why don't you make such movies anymore ??? why do you make stupid idiotic movies like Navy-Seals  ???  why ?????

Question # 9 : Why American chics like Alicia SilverStone and Cameron Diaz so cool ?? Why aren't such chicks in pakistan ? why ??? (btw if any paki chic reads this and she thinks she is like A.S or C.Z then mail us) .

Question # 10 : Why bill-clint0n FUC*ED monica all alone ???  why we were not invited ?? why ?? why ?? but why ???


Our views, emotions and WRATH for India:

ALRIGHT now with indians ..well indians ..umm... indians= a-fucked-up-breed . They dont 0wn kashmir even pakistan does not have a right to add kashmir in its border line UNTILL AND UNLESS kashmiris agree to it...AMERCIANS TALK ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS? dont they see a fucking violation of human rights in kashmir?? dont you think kashmiris have a right to choose their own future? dont they have a right to choose their goverment and to handle out affairs of their own land themselveS? ohh yeah its so fancy mr.bill clint0n was here in pakistan and in india that's so cool right? WELL WE DONT FUCKING THINK SO!!! what the fuck have he d0ne for kashmir cant he just ask indians to leave kashmir since they lick his ass up so much . BLoody indians  motha fucking indians GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD INDIANS that kashmir is not ures u guys say that kashmir is ure "atoot ang" = "unbreakable organ" ..well as for this you asses that "n0thing is secure and everlasting in whole universe except for ALL MIGHTY ALLAH" ..so everything is going to break off one day and so will your "atoot ang"

We came across a few indian kid0rz who call themself "Indian Hackers". And they said that we are nothing but bunch of scriptkiddies and that we can only hack stupid un-patched innocent indian boxes (im afraid its not true =] ) . I hope that those so-called kid0rz hax0rs have now figured out our sk1llz by watching this type or domain defaced by us. And one thing more that i'd like to tell them that they can't even gauge our capabilities and sk1llz when they are learning how to make and delete files and directories in wind0wz on their so-called Computer Training Programs on ZeeTv and blah. India is trying to generate computer literates by such T.V Programs. By such programs they can make out hackers who can only root and ftp their servers. =]

INDIANS: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED leave kashmir nicely or FACE THE WRATH of cyber terrorists that is the tr1be-crew and ...we also say thanks to our friend crews here GForce, m0s and PHC for bringing your real FACE infront of whole world ...but we have our 0wn style ..LIKE IT OR NOT u have been fucked the tr1bal sty1e .

a WORD to ADMIN by RSnake^ : Nothing was deleted our copied from your box. The hole is patched.
                                                            Do mv index1.html index.html to restore the old page and next time don't take
                                                            responsiblity of something for which you don't have sk1llz. You don't belong there but
                                                            i do. For assistance in how i got in and its prevention mail at root@attitudex.com .
                                                       Click here to see your old page.




RESPECTS to : PAKISTAN ,The MARRI tribe@balochistan ,Osama-Bin-Laden ,Balochistan, Afghanistan,
                          Harkat-ul-Ansaar, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, and to ALL ISLAMIC-WARRIORS out there.

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                            And all Two-Faced and Violent Countires ,Armies , Militaries.

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