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i is real piss'd at da totally shit3 security j00 had 0n dis sit3 Admin.. i is truly s0rry...
I'm n0t gonna tell'ya h0w i g0t in just y3t...

shoutz to: da rest of rootworm, artech, sabu, acidk|own, krysler, PtB and j00 other hax0r's

Anybody want da User/Pass list: here

hehe, i also had access to da admin scripts :-) it sure was fun gib'in ppl things for free


-=It sure was a good idea to keep cc#'s off this server=-



much lub to Gill & Katie i lub j00 b0th :-).

Copyright n30 2000. Corel.com and Jp lub m3! Trust n0b0dy..