Defaced by the DHC

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The mind is a mural on a wall,
reminding us of our sinful ways,
reminding us of everything we ever did wrong.
With the wall crumbling,
where we couldn't take it anymore,
and high and strong,
in the few peaks we had.

Dead from the top down,
I've forgotten to die.
Forgotten how to cry.
My mind is empty,
In "hell" I'll fry.

Numb from the drug,
numb from being stuck.
Try to be numb,
to not have to,
to not have to,
to not have to look dumb.

Numb, dead, wasted.
quick, fast, hasted.
To fall into the hole,
to feel death,
and empty,
for my shallow mind,
is the same as,
the rest of my kind.

It blows me away,
it blows me to stay.
Try not to let it get,
get to me,
and my head.
Leave my mind,
leave me for dead!
Let me be empty,
and lone,
let me be on that stone.
Gone and numb,
gone and dumb,
In non-existence,
I find no resistance.

Let me be cold,
not worthy to hold.
So I won't feel the pain,
so I won't go insane,
so I won't entertain.
To be left alone.
To never phone.
Make me feel numb,
so I won't feel dumb!


"I already know my life sucks, so you don't need to remind me"