Strikes Again.

Below is a rip off of this gay site -=- you might wanna read the old file to get some of the jokes.


There are hundreds of religions in the world today. They each have few logic and reasons for existence.

However there is one truth that is incomparable to all other beliefs because of it's naievity, stupidity and incorrectness.

That is to say, the whole myth of some dude knocking up a virgin then his kid being killed.

Hell, the whole basis of christianity is based on an episode of the Jerry Springer show.

Kurt Cobain once said "God is Gay" , "Abort Christ"

How right he was.

But there is one thing even more important than football, or life and death for that matter. It is wether you are leet are not. Wether you can hack 4 the right reasons, live for yourself, not for another.

FrankCam, you aint even close

What are you relying on ?

There is no God

Personally i rely more on Taxi's doing booze runs to the offy. mmmm Ker-Kar

You'll get to Heaven your own way, by giving to charity and maybe going to Church

Hell, heaven's full of old people -=- Im going to Silicon Heaven

You're a Protestant but don't fully understand why you need to ask God for forgiveness

What have i ever done to this guy anyway?

You are a Roman Catholic

UH, no im not

You are a Jew


You are a Muslim

what, you calling me names now?

You are a Buddhist


You believe in another religion


You are a born- again Christian

strike three, you're outta there!

Has it ever entered your sad, pathetic little mind that one can be none of the above?? Maybe you should give just a teenie weenie bit of your time to actually think over what you said here.

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