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Last update on 2:00 AM GMT by n0nam3 & Diablo [Pentaguard]

How many times did we say: "Don't use NT, NT sucks, etc..." ? But did anyone heard it ? NO... I think that's why this host deserves to get defaced... but anyway .gov pages suck... nobody use them... nobody needs them... so we hack them :>....

Random messages to the world: Don't play solitaire; don't drink coca cola; always use condoms; heineken rullez; shumaher sucks; mercedes rullez; Pentaguard rullez !

Shoutz goes out to: BM-Freak, [LiGHT], H3X0r, RobyS, beculetz, fishb0n3, HB3, f00_manch00 2, PTB and everyone else who greet/support us...

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