Hacked by PentaGuarD

wooow... I got AccessToSpace ? that's kewl... so what can I do now ? can I speak to aliens ? or can I use your satellites to spy Jennifer Lopez's bedroom ?

Anyway what the fuck am I talking about ? It's 3 am in the morning and I'm reading some stupid admins e-mail (Admin: relax, no not your mails.. I haven't read your mails yet :))... In other words: the perfect time to deface a .nasa.gov... btw: you should know that this host is totally owned by Pentaguard... it was used as a BNC server by BM-Freak, n0nam3 rehacked it for no apparent reason and I deface it now cause I got bored by it... Mhhm... in may we 6 owned  nasa.govs:

  1. imdc.nasa.gov
  2. acquisition.jpl.nasa.gov
  3. cotserver.lerc.nasa.gov
  4. zeta.lerc.nasa.gov
  5. standards.nasa.gov
  6. accesstospace.nasa.gov

Unfortunately some of them (zeta.lerc.nasa.gov and standards.nasa.gov where not mirrored by attrition... ooh well... who cares :). I'm not braging... I just wanted to point out how lame are these servers... WTF ? nasa.govs _must_ be secure servers... right ? After all they got the money for this... they should have the skillz for this (if NASA doesn't have specialists.... then who does ?).. but I guess they are too lame to care about security...

Shoutz goes out to: PentaGuard and everyone who greet/support us... I'm lazy to wrote shouts

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