That lubbable karney klown is back

.:BillGates:. Hi.

.:acidk|own:. hi.

.:BillGates:. Do you know who i am?

.:acidk|own:. no.

.:BillGates:. um, I am Bill Gates.

.:acidk|own:. yah right. and I'm Christina Agorilla.

.:BillGates:. No. Seriously. Email me @ and I'll reply
to your message to prove to you I am really Bill.

.:acidk|own:. uh..ok.

.:BillGates:. I received your mail...

.:acidk|own:. haahaha...ok what did it say then?

.:BillGates:. It said "k4rn3y k|0wnz t4nk b1LL iz s3xy."

.:acidk|own:. omg! did yu hack my system?

.:BillGates:. no.

.:acidk|own:. this REALLY is BILL GATES!!!!

.:acidk|own:. OMFG!!!!!!!

.:acidk|own:. i don't believe this.

.:BillGates:. Calm Down.

.:acidk|own:. sorry. i get nervous around celebrities...

.:BillGates:. well...your quite a celebrity too.

.:acidk|own:. i am?

.:BillGates:. yes. I subscribe to's daily defacement list.

.:acidk|own:. hehehe. why thank you Bill **blush**

.:BillGates:. Well, i'm not good at conversation so I usually ask everyone
I meet what they would do for a million dollars.

.:acidk|own:. hehehe. Only a million? you fuckin cheap ass.

.:BillGates:. hrm. Ok, $50 million.

.:acidk|own:. for 50 mill...

.:acidk|own:. well.......

.:acidk|own:. i would probly let you have your way with me.

.:BillGates:. Seriously?

.:acidk|own:. *****blush*****

.:acidk|own:. is this an indecent proposal Mr. Bill Gates?

.:BillGates:. maybe...can yu DCC me yur PIC?

.:acidk|own:. my DCC is kinda fucked. can i Email yu it?

.:BillGates:. uh, sure!

.:acidk|own:. Do you use Microsoft Outlook?

.:BillGates:. Well, if its Microsoft then..YES. I only use Microsoft

.:acidk|own:. ummm yeh.

.:acidk|own:. Ok..i sent my pic ;o/

.:acidk|own:. YOU BETTER NOT SAY I LOOK FAT or I WILL /ignore you@@!!!

.:BillGates:. nah baby..

.:acidk|own:. *****blush*****

.:BillGates:. Woah..thats a kinky title on the email..."ILUBYOU" huh?

.:acidk|own:. ONLY THE TRUTH shweet cakes ;)

.:BillGates:. WTF?!!!!!!! My computer is doing weird shit!

.:acidk|own:. it is?

.:BillGates:. You fucking Bitch!!

.:acidk|own:. *****blush*****


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