Well, well.... another .gov defacement... it's not the first it's not the last and I love doing it... Why ?

Well I think hacking .gov, .mil and .edu servers is the most ethical way of hacking... and I say this for several reasons:

  1. The government is something bad... everything you do against it is good ! Every .gov is EVIL!!!
  2. If you hack a private company and deface it's web page that company will loose clients & money... the .gov has no clients that would pay to see some stupid webpage. Actually the government's clients are the taxpayers... but I don't think they care about .gov pages... Let's be serious, how many times did you visited a .gov site ? I mean for curiosity.. not to hack it or to see someone's hack... No one needs .gov pages... except the government of course.. but as I said they are BAD!
  3. By definition a .gov, .mil or .edu server _should_ be secure....

Ok, here we go... shoutz to:

BM-Freak [that nasa.gov rulez], LiGHT [hack the literature teacher :], n0nam3, H3X0r [that nameserver was already rooted... hehe :-], beculetz, RobyS, everyone from #nonstop, ph33r th3 b33r... [.kr rulez... heheheh... hacking .kr's is also ethical... nobody needs them either], H3rb and everyone who greet us...

P.S1: Admin, you're security sucks... for problems contact me at: diablo@privacyx.com, btw: the old page was backed up as pentaguard.htm
P.S2: I appreciate the work done by the guys at www.attrition.org , I also understand that they can't check for hacked sites 24/7... however it's a little bit annoying when 2 nasa.govs and some .mils aren't mirrored because attrition saws them too late... How about telling us WHEN are you checking you're mail for hacked domains... for example.... every day at 8 PM GMT... at 7:30 everyone would send his defacement and mostly everything would be mirrored... just an idea :)