by weed and idiot, representing digital insanity


admin: Don't worry everything is still intact and working up to capacity. We patched the Hole so don't shit yourself. And have a nice day.

greets: ph33r the b33r, surge , poe, eternil, maniac, vio, bar-rat, wegro, ytcracker, cik , the old members of team infinity , cid, ug , tension(the sexy bish) , TIM , fizabn , nk , wegro , phryk and everyone else.

message: I would just like to say a big FUCK YOU to BLAZINWEED. You think i have no skills? what about you? your the lamest mother fucker. Wow, you can use gfxspin to upload htmlm your fucking tight. ( no offence ytcracker =] ) and I would also like to say ph33r the b33r gots mad skills, take a little advice from them blazinweed. Also blazinweed you should try a non NT hack. Oh wait you can't hahaha. -weed

message: Anarchy In The USAThis is the first wave of many. Your country will fall to its knees by the time that we finish our attacks. There is no use trying to find us. We don't exist. We are the hate inside your minds. We are nothing but blurry afterimages in the Fucked up society we live in. All you wannabes, people who hate us , envy us , all can go die. For we are the future. Enternity has passed. - Digital Insanity