another quality defacement by ph33r the b33r?

-= think again =-

i haven't been into this defacing lark for long, and the main reason for that is because it is lame, to say the least.......although i think, as a ./hacker, i admire ph33r the b33r in some way (at this moment in time i cannot think what that is thou) but the bad things about them FAR out weigh the good....

1) Why Deface? - Probably because ther little minds cannot think of anything better to do with ther lives....

2) Arguments? - Hmm..some of your defacements are away of getting a point of yours across...ffs, get a job in the news media if u want to do that, don't deface sites that have nothing wrong with them other than a fuck for brain admin (althou people think that IS a good reason, it ain't)

3) Do something useful? - Personaly, i think that you have talents other than defacing, which includes your talent to break into systems...this *could* infact be used in a good way (shock, horror) so USE it (u can actually make some money, instead of asking mummy for milk money...i know u think "well, defacement don't matter as long as i back it up" etc...stop when u find a hole in the system....don't go any futher

4) Shouts? - This defacer will remain anonymous as i ph33r the b33r (not) and i do not want to bring any legal / g00d groups into this offense to people who know me....this haX0r will be back, giving shouts to people

FINAL: ph33r the b33r...wanna contact me? for my leet skillz ? i will happily werk for j00, as long as i don't have to get jiGGy with any of j00 fags