D> ph33r the b33r....give us all j00r women!!(#@!*##@

Admin: index is backed up, and sploit is patched. Maybe you should educate your admin more? =)

< EvilClone> I dont know what it is, but it owns you.
p4ntera, once again back for another korean raping hack. Thanks for all the support peeps, keeps the old blood going =)
Not much to say today. I had a kickass weekend with ma boys EvilClone and Astral. We fucked up some major shit, too bad you weren't there korean people's. Too bad.
Aero, I heard you came into our chan to start shit. Since I wasn't there, and I can't find you, I'll leave you a message. Don't fuck with us. I don't know why people like starting shit, but obviously it's a favourite past time among people. Hell you didn't even know what BIOS stands for =P.
Mad werd to our boys in Pentaguard (hex0r,bm-fream,diabl0) keep up the good work! I'm glad to see people are starting to ./rape .gov boxen. we'll join you soon bros
Shouts to: wkD (mad werd ka0x), 4:20,GForce Pakistan, #rootworm,Paragon, #r00tabega, f0bic and a special werd to our boys pentaguard. keep up the good work >=]
PtB owns you in the 2k