Welcome to lame US Air Force server
login: root
pass: ******

Login failed...
login: PentaGuard
pass: motha' fucker server let me in!

Login succesfull
You don't have mail
# locate secret.info
get /AirForce/SecretPlanes/secret.info
secret.info successfully downloaded
put hacked.html
print hacked.html

> This server is 0wned by Diablo [Pentaguard] if you want it back
> send 50 beers [heineken], 77 pounds of marijuana, one of Eminem's
> records [Fucking Crazy], and 100.000.000$ to diablo@privacyx.com
> If I don't get these things in 24 hours I will upload secret.info
> to www.kgb.ru...
> Shoutz to: my homies in PentaGuard: BM-Freak [got to work it out
> with those lasy snifferz], Light [I got another root, hope to let
> your server alone], H3X0r, beculetz, mach [being day and night in
> #nonstop], PTB, everyone else I forgot...

Connection closed by remote host
Šopyright 2k - Diabl0 [Pentaguard]
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