{S Hax0rd} america online style.
we have come to own you up and over.
we are like a scab, we come appear when you least want us and expect us.
i am the one and only digital pimp
i am artech.
you are my slave my netheland
 greets to: sup c13v, dr3w, 1inz33, kich4, st3v3, b0b, sm411z, crazy -mex- , t0dd (kr4nz), nemesystem, ytcracker, aero, xenox, auto, mix, dark plague, omega, ph33r the b33r, n30, tron, swamp rat, lord midnight, Gman, mobman, Mr. Q, Qvicker, fc+, Ergens, Etropy, gH, r3p3nt, sideways, r00tabega, bansh33, attrition, safemode ski77132, slim, tac, dire,  and yall other people out there in the digital army.
we own we rule ::::::
pentaguard whats up i dont know you guys but whats up muda fuckas.
free my wigger
hacked by: artech

=last hack=
user: rbca
pass: risk