Admin: index is backed up, patch is applied. Good morning =)
Hi everyone. p4ntera here for yet another korean hack. This time a security lab! ooOOOooo. Sorry koreans seems your security labs weren't secure enough!h0h0h0!
I had a fight with a old friend yesterday. He seems to be so much better now a days because he has 3 million dollars in his pocket, and a l337 group of coders for his back. Well listen nameless one, I don't know what the fuck your problem is, but if you wanna punk ph33r the b33r off, bring it. I was there for you, I did all I could to help, and you start talking shit? Well if thats the way your mind works, then do us a fav and kill yourself. Dood you say that "either quit the script kiddie bullshit or get your door kicked down at 6". Dood, maybe because you don't know how to killall syslogd doesn't mean i don't. I know how to cover my tracks, I ain't fucking stupid. I was just reading your defaced section, and you say that you quit hacking because of fear. That's a fucking lie. If you did you would (of all things) respect me for taking a risk everyday to put some warped fucked up message on attrition. But no, you and your friend tutor spread shit about us, say we hack with frontpage. Well if you wanna be like that, fine. But defcon next year, you bring r00tabega and i'll bring a baseball bat, and we'll see who makes it out first.
Also, ph33r the steer. Get a real fucking name stop biting our style. This name was made for joking, and I still consider it funny (especially when im drunk..). DONT BITE OUR STYLE
RoD crew, cik, team infinity, LL and any other fags who use rds, STOP IT. If you can't figure out how to mount using a 1337 rds script then just do us a favour and stop hacking.
Brazilian hackers, you have no skill. You don't know how to hack, and probably never will. Stick to showing up in those fucking stupid christian funding programs and beg for food. We don't wanna see your shitty rants, and NO BRAZIL DOES NOT RULE.
Werd, #rootworm, 4:20, DHC and #r00tabega .
Still looking for 1337 *nix hackers or coders, email us
PtB owns you in the 2k