YoYoYo Wuzzup Its everyones Favorite Vermin : )
                Here Im in yo area! J00 Ar3 Own3d!

I would just like to say fuck school once again! Also I would like to talk about god!  Like im tired of all this bullshit about heaven this and god that!  Well you know what?  Im tired of it! I dont want to hear it anymore! And to all you great American Christians!  I would like to tell you about your great religion!  You think its about peace and harmony! Look at all the suffering in the world! People starving and people in pain!  Also what about the sick and twisted people throughout history such as HITLER which was Christian! Or maybe I should bring us the crusades?  Where millions of people were slaughtered! Wait a minute! What religion were they? CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC!  Ok Now lets get into the IRA?  Once again basically same religion! Fighting fighting fighting!  Also christians do nothing but try and convert!  Perfect example Pat Robertson!  Remember around Christmas time when Pokemon Were supposedly Evil!  It was a ploy of the japanese to infiltrate the states according to mr robertson.  Even the simpsons believe that Christians try and convert everyone! Have u seen the episode where rod and tod are playing that game convert the heathens or something! Very Very sad in my opinion.  Anywayz!

Well Well Well! Now it comes to the shoutz! Fuck it i aint in the mood shoutz to ph33r the b33r and all my boyz! We rule! = )
Fucks too all girls who play with guys hearts like my old bitch! FUCK YOU!

Anywayz Im out. Email our group to join