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well... we live at a fuck country, where the politics always fuck the people. it's very sux :(... we live in a country where the politics are corrupts and the people vote without having think. Unhappily this is the reality of Brazil. We'd like to change this scene, but for this we need people thinking more about our reality... fight for it's rights. Brazil has waked up, this is the hour to change this scene. For a better Brazil, it fights them to me. P.S.: Fuck the Brazilian TV, they washes your brain! special fucks t0 Globo and Roberto Marinho

Gr34tz t0: bl0w Team, Axur05 and csh & NoFace Really true hackers..... [z] t0 the people fighting to a better Brazil and t0 my friend Maverik :P see yah

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