Back Again. - thekiller

"Renata não se esqueça que te amo" Não importa onde estiver gata!!

General Information:
OS: Windows NT
Server: IIS 4.0 with FrontPage extensions
Supporting: Cold Fusion 4.0, SSL (port 443), FTP (port 21), SMTP (port 25), RPC (port 135), SSMTP (port 465) and IAD2 (port 1031).

Bugs found and the results:
CGI Scripts: /scripts/iisadmin/bdir.htr
Mail server: VRFY Command Enabled
Extensions: Anonymous logging alloud patched
Cold Fusion: CFDOCS installed patched

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Shouts go out to: hts , sk3l, f0rwh4t, DiE4YoU, #w4r, Rodrigo , assdebuger , encripty , DaveMustaine , n4rfy , BlacKcODe , xampu, King_BR , troy_psx e a todos manows do irc...

Sorry admin !!! its server vuneravel