Defaced by Sabu & ph0tek

Message from Sabu:

First off i (Sabu), would like to thank Rid(moduli), for being an understandable person with the balls to help other's and not regret it.   I also would love to give greeting's out to all the defacers out there doing what they have to do(don't give a fuck on what anyone say's about you, we're all internet rebels here, correct? then who care's, stop the flame wars)

I would also like to point out that both me and ph0tek, are the FIRST *
.pr(puerto rico) defacers, the *.pr TLD isn't even on's defacement statistics, and we're proud of that, us being Puerto Rican also made us pity such GARBAGE security from a Puerto Rican host, shut down this bullshit, or learn some fucking shit on how to run your server's properly, and atleast do weekly passwd checks.

Greeting's to: Professor Sonix, Edit, Urungus, Rid, Vex, eek, Chad, k@o$, Aeris, red, Senate, zenomorph,,,,, goh aka Erich, Tekno, Cuzz, greenhell, amy, Reb, Jac, rasta, ph0Tek, busta, reapr, phr0q, Riotz, gza, N30 UKH4CK3RZ, TankDS, zillion, dk(Daemon Knight), loft, dog, kristi, lani, ph33r the b33r.

Message from ph0tek:

somebody should just shoot yolimar! damn it!

Greeting....L0cK-C0dE, rasta, and every other boricua hacker there is!

True purpose of these defacement's:

Well well well, Yes, we ARE going to bitch out against the U.S Government, and the Navy/marines for doing warfare testing on the peaceful island of Puerto Rico, named "Vieques", what irritates me is that the U.S Government chose this island for warfare testing not 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or even 40 year's ago, but up to over 60 years.  Still till this day the Marines Warfare training(bombing, raiding, everything in your imagination) is proceeding.  Lately, local and even remote Puerto Rican & black and even white supporters are getting threatened by the Marines that they will be arrested for PEACEFULLY protesting what THEY think is wrong(can you blame them?).

The only attempt's that our U.S government was to "offer" the "Vieques" Puerto Ricans if they would let them keep their warfare testing for a few more year's in return for $40,000,000.  Any stupid human could guess that's basically a bribe to shutdown the local Puerto Rican's from even causing the training to halt.  Nothing else i can really say, unless i keep on bitching on the issue, me, a minority defacer in the U.S won't get anything done with this.  I just hope something changes, Puerto Ricans are human too, you treat Hawaii like king's, and Puerto Rico like a second hand dildo.  Give us the Respect that we deserve...or shall we take it by force? cabron.