#DorkNet ARe Back
Phj34rn4t10n Mudderfux!!

Here is us having an orgy wid Sclub7 on dis server... looks like fun? Wanna join in? Well fuck you!
#DorkNet and Sclub 7 Getting down on yer bawx

We got tight wid dem honeys, not you, so go suck!!! Sue us if we a lil possesive, they are total baes after all (not too unlike yer momma!)
Yes, #DorkNet are back on the scene, thanks to all the letters pouring in, we saved our grandma and are back on the road, Those sicko kids, send our gran a dead rat through the post again and we will kill you, fuck you, We hope you both die of Carbon Dioxide poisoning!!!

Now back to business, I see Darknet and their gayazz Gov-Boi are back, ripping our style as usual, how many times we gotta tell you sons-of-donkeydicks? FUCKIN LEAVE US BE!!! Akt0r, stop your shit, you deface and teach us, then drop the scene, do you want us to come around and beat you about the ears with Gay-Boi's Dick? Ethereal, stop hitting on ugly polish lamers and g1b us more of your rad ass s1bb4h s3xx0r slut!!! (Yes, DinkyWinky was Gay-Boi in disguise, he fooled your dumb female mind)


And Now FOr an Official #DorkNet theme song:
"We are the fagz of #DorkNet
We Gib Bad Head
Our Songs Really Suck
Now go fuck a duck

As you can see, South Park the movie has warped our fragile little (and we mean little) minds, please send us more money.... FAST!!!

Greetz Fly Out To:

You shoulda done defacement kiddo, lighter prison terms

Our President Thabo Mbeki:

We agree with your new theories entirely Mbeki, AIDS does not exist, those people really are dying because they are being injected with sum strange poison developed by the Greenland Government, you are sooooooooo right!!!

Fuck yous:
Brazilans & Other Nationalities Who Deface .co.za sites

Get a fscking clue, we speak english here, not your pig language, and stop bitching bout gay stuff on our sites aswell, Prostitution here is legal, so is embezalment, the legal drinking age here is 18 and we don't have Bandicoot Canadian MeekHens to slaughter, bitch at the relevant nationality dammit!

Defacement crews who instigate really gay defacements:

Stop taking life so seriously fags, eat donuts or summing and get fat and die!!!
#DorkNet: Still kicking
Expect to see more from us soon.
Admin, I killed your old HTML, deleted most of your data, posted half your customer base to rival companies and raped your wife, daughter and family pet, ImPrEsSiVe No???