you guys are just fucking ass holes.  you act like you're fucking gods, and that you can fucking h4x any fucking site you see.  you didn't crack this site, anyway, fuck head.  it's as open as a $.02 whore.

frontpage extensions on, no password.  god damn, it's like you assholes just walked into some elderly person's house and started trashing it.  and then putting a fucking sign on the front lawn saying that you just cracked them and how you're so fucking 31337 and shit.  fuck you.

i don't usually talk to defacers like this, but i'm in a really fucking bad mood.  the person i like [yea, it's middle skool] hates and ignores me, my dad is a fucking idiot, my friends are annoying and i have a huge project to do over easter.  i wish my sisters were here ='/

anyway, hackers are ass holes.  thinking again, 50% of everybody i know is an asshole, and 60% of the people that are not assholes are ignorant.  there are seven people i know that are not asses/stupid/annoying...two that live out of state, one that i've been friends for a while, two family members [one of the out of state ones], and then three girls at skool who don't ignore me and talk to me.

anyway: some people i know write in their journals or AIM profiles about how their day went.  i've written mine here, using as a refrence and rehacking some of those pages.  get over it, who gives a damn about rehacking.  you've had your fucking glory and bull shit, get over it.  and yes, i am a 7th grader with problems.  a fucking middle skooler if you like to think of it like that.  but oh well, you're probably just eather some ho who is l33t and knows lots of shit about the 'underground' or some idiot who came here and didn't know it was defaced until now.  now you probably think i'm some columbine kid and that i'm going to go kill people and shit.  i feel bad for the victim's families.  those kids were stupid.  they were.  they're trying to solve their problems by killing other kiddies who are having a nice, happy, childhood.  that's just lame.  and manson wasn't the fucking cause of the shootings eather.  let's just put this shit behind us.

manson is shit, just to clear that up.  he makes fun of god and stuff, and i take offense to that.

so hey, let's enjoy our days.  lol, anyway, i DDOSed the FBI!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! SEE HOW LEET I AM!!!!!!!!!!  hahaha, watch as i get a wire or data tap on my phone linez now ;)


admin: i have no idea who defaced your page originally.  look at to see the old page if you want.  put a password up on the file extension thingie.  it'll solve your problems.  do it again before other stupid ppl come and start claiming they 'cr4x0r3d' [lol, thanks n30] your fine site.


PEOPLE OF KINGSTON COLLEGE: "it's tea time!"...or whatever you say there in france ;)