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Clientel hacked this bizatch on April 4, 2000.

Wordz: Ph33r the b33r ownz, Knowledge is power heh, Fuck Rich preps who think you are better than everyone with your abercrombie shit, School Sucks, Computers are the best thing in the world besides tina, BreakDance still ownz, and I wanna join a group.

Shoutz: BaDD_aLaN, <3<3<3 TL & D <3<3<3, NM, Bella, Uneek, Tigga and DSD, Sam and h20, Sameth, h01y 0n3, d3th, 1nfinity, Espi0nage Crew, KL, Gatinha, cK's, KP, R-E-L, and all those i missed or forgot.

Original index.htm is here and sploit patched.

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