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Welcome to the Blue Springs School District!
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    I am Dr. Charles McGraw, superintendent of Blue Springs Schools.  I would like to take a few moments of your time to give you a quick tour of our district.  As you briefly visit our schools through this web site and later when you walk our halls and visit with our students and staff, you will find that the district's motto, Where Excellence Prevails, is a standard we believe in and adhere to each day. 

     Not only will you find students ready and eager to learn, but you will also find they do so in a safe and clean environment.  We are a district that prides itself in excellent people and excellent programs.  We believe we are here to focus on each child, to give that child every opportunity to learn and reach his or her maximum potential.

    We start by focusing on our facilities with buildings that are maintained with exceptional care and equipped to meet the students needs.  Because we pride ourselves in excellence, classroom equipment includes a multi-million dollar package of computer technology which we believe is exceedingly necessary for our students' future successes.

    A second focus you will find as you step into our schools is a solid teaching staff with a great cross-section of experience.  We value our teachers who are enjoying long careers as innovative practitioners and we welcome teachers new to the profession who bring new enthusiasm and ideas with them.  You will find all levels of teaching experience here and you will see sound educational practice as you enter their classrooms.

    A third focus you will find in our schools is a sense of total community.  We are the City of Cooperation and you can find everyone from volunteer parents, to retired teachers, to busy local business persons in our schools on any given day.  We value their input, welcome their volunteer spirit and count on the additional depth they bring to student learning.

    Finally, you will find a support staff that keeps its focus on kids.  I encourage you to visit with a secretary, food service worker or bus driver.  Again, you will find a sense of pride in being part of our schools, and most importantly, a strong committment to our students.

    Enjoy your visit to our web-site.  On behalf of the students and staff of the Blue Springs Schools, I say welcome; we are glad you are here!