Clientel Hacked This Server on 3/30/2000

No Security is our philosophy and it has been since 1984. Fuck all you rich preps who swear u are better than everyone. You have a fucking inferiority complex. Fuck all u faggots that think like that.

A Few words from Clientel- School Sucks, Tina is the most beautiful girl, Dee is a hottee, Tania and Sonia are cool, Nicole is beautiful, BreakDance Ownz, Tom Green Rulez, BaDD_aLaN kicks ass, SugarKing is a BadAss Mofo, and I'm sorry Tina and Dee.

Shoutz: Krissy, Mystical Pimp, Espi0nage, Sameth, Sam0nn and h20, Ph33r the b33r, N30, and [Morph] for the BadAss GFX.

Original index.htm is in backup.htm, and sploit patched.

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with anything including any GFX, and if i use your GFX on a deface i will shout to you for a leeto GFX.

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