This ones going out to all you Oxford Virgins!!!, you know i could have gone to
Oxford but they found out my parents where married!!!. Anyway i'd just like to 
say sorry about this Admin but you've been 0wn3d by someone with an 
IQ of 151/170 pretty bad euh?..

N30 -=UK H4ck3rz=-

Shoutz t0: zillion, Artech{ph33r the b33r inc P4ntera}, klown,, the Head, Fir3fly, MrPink..

m8's: 4ndy{hope Uni's going well!}, Cuff3, Gill & Katie{love ya b0th!}, als0 m3 br0 Ging3..
and all m3 work m8's

Fuck5: CrimeBoys & Cyb3r Fuck3rs{whats the point?}, Freaky Oxford Students