ph33r the b33r is h3r3, sk00ling the teachers :D
p4ntera owns mass gibsons! ;)


Hey doods/doodette's. p4ntera here for the 3rd hack tonite.

I would personally like to thank the folks at attrition for putting up with my constant e-mail bombardment when i hack some shit.
Also, zillion from
safemode, kicks ass! I can't believe he puts up with my shit :). Everyone visit his site and give him lots of kisses because well, he owns me. j/k, but he's cool everyone.

Thanks to everyone giving me and my group shoutz, i appreciate it. With all these rants i have been saying, im glad to see people suppport me and agree with me. Actually even if they aren't agreeing with me, but they acknowledge that i might be, on some miniscule level, making a difference. This is what means most. :)

Admin: hole is patched, index backed up. Your welcome

Recently hacked by Artech:

Mad Shoutz to Invisible Hate. Word up guys :)