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ISLAMABAD, March 25: Three people were killed as Indian troops shelled a village in Azad Kashmir today across a military control line, a military spokesman said. The shelling came ahead of a brief visit to Islamabad by U.S. President Bill Clinton. Two men and one women were killed when the Indians targeted Manadaa village in Bhimber district in the south of Pakistan-ruled Kashmir, the spokesman said. (Reuters) (Posted @ 14:05 PST)




Our Demands?

Stop MURDERING yure own ppl and blaming it on Pakistan and the freedom fighters

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--- BRAZIL NEEDS HELP --- em total apoio ao inferno.br estamos aqui para buscar um Brasil melhor, e mostrar que estamos ativos e nao aceitamos como as coisas estao indo, e nao vamos parar, todos tem o direito de falar, a policia do brasil NAO SABE NADA e estao 100% fora do esquema de hacking/underground do pais alem de nao saberem de computadores eles ainda ficam falando besteira. como disse inferno.br chame-nos de hackativistas!!** greeeetz to: #darknet@efnet #linux@brasirc alc4l0id3 PoWerPr0 da bomb h3x4


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