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 The kashmir issue, the most controversial issue in the history of humanity.Everyday, the Indains

slaughter countless mujahideen, rape, torture and execute innocent women and children. What

for? What gives the bloody Indians the right to violate human rights in such a manner? The

Indians have violated all norms of acceptable wartime conflict and have not been reprimanded

for their actions. There have been repeated attempts to advocate free elections to let hte people

choose their destiny but the Indians have suppressed all these with hostile intervention and the

murder of innocent civillians.Why must we bear such atrocities? All over the world, the Muslims

have been targeted and systematically eliminated. Kashmir, Plaestine, Bosnia... what gives

anyone the right to try and eradicate a people different from themselves? And what has the US

done to prevent this? Nothing. The US has always seen itself as the moderating power of the

world but it has supported Israel in its cause and has remained silent on the Kashmir Issue for

too long. AMust we remind everyone that almost al lthe opil in the world is owned by the

Muslims? Is that why the US kisses Saudia Arabia's ass while committing such injustices deep

inside? ANdh tey vcall Pakistan a corrupt country? Just how fucking corrupt can you get when

the President of hte most powerful nation in the world gets a blowjob from an intern working in

his office???We have suffered throughout the ages and will suffer no more. This is the era of

cyberwarfare, where once again the Muslims have prevailed. We will nto rest till every node,

every line, every bit of information contained in our suppressors has not been wiped out,

returning them to the dark ages. Wel will not tolerate anymore, and we will not fail. As I type

this from the confort of my home... far away in a valley the blood of innocents paints the

mountains red....




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The U.N. for sitting on their fat asses all this time and doing nothing, The U.S.A. for looking the other way while defenseless people are being butchered, Amnesty International for not doing their part, The Hindu "baniya", Bal Thakray - when you die (which IS going to be soon), we hope they let the vultures violate every friggin' hole your body has to offer before tearing you up, eating you piece by piece, digesting you and then taking a royal dump in the river ganges (YES! we are SICK terrorists !@#$%!), Jaswant Singh - You give sikhs a bad BAD name dude, the pizza dude for being this late, one k0nka@dalnet for being whatever he is - k0nka mate.. here's looking at your sorry ass kid... _|_ , net21pk - the "alleged" ISP, and all the people we've missed - you know who you are guys, FUCK YOU.



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--- BRAZIL NEEDS HELP --- em total apoio ao inferno.br estamos aqui para buscar um Brasil melhor, e mostrar que estamos ativos e nao aceitamos como as coisas estao indo, e nao vamos parar, todos tem o direito de falar, a policia do brasil NAO SABE NADA e estao 100% fora do esquema de hacking/underground do pais alem de nao saberem de computadores eles ainda ficam falando besteira. como disse inferno.br chame-nos de hackativistas!!** greeeetz to: #darknet@efnet #linux@brasirc alc4l0id3 PoWerPr0 da bomb h3x4



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