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Intro.The introduction by DRiVE

Section 1.Getting Online by Orin

Section 2.Looking Cool by Orin

Section 3.The art of ph33r by Curt

Section 4.The art of "fucking" by Cirrus

Section 5.AOL hacking techniques by IMP

Section 6.Phreaking by Anonymous

Section 7.Hacking with Fate by Fluxxie

Section 8.Hax0ring your local Gibson by Mike

Section 9.Extended Phreaking by Mr. Azure

Section 10.Chix0rs, and how to get them by Orin

Section 11.BBS hax0ring for dummies by Cochise

Section 12.Advanced hax0ring techniques by Ali

Section 13.Why Hack?- by BudWeisErz

Section 14.How to Idle on IRCby Xironskull (pete)*NEW*

Section 15.How to 0wn People That 0wn You by Ozy*NEW*



Intro: Picking a handle By: DRiVE

As every haxor knows 31337 talking is the most important part of being a haxor. So learn how to do it. LEARN IT!!! LOVE IT!!!! LIVE IT!!!!

Picking a leet0 hax0r handle is also very important. Do it carefully or people might not Ph33r j00!

Picking a handle By: DRiVE

In the famous words of joey " i need a handle ". This is true. Every great hax0r has a 31337 handle. I am going to help you pick the best one.


find a handle that at least 70 other people have such as acid , demon , rave ,and thug.


if you cant find one that alot of people have just make sure yours has alot of x's in it. That way people will really ph33r you . I mean everyone knows that people

with x's in their handles are the best at hax0ring gibsons, this is because when you log into a gibson it messes it up because UNIX for Win95 wasnt made to

recognize x's. So dont have something that makes sense , instead of something like DOC try Xdocx or xDxOxCx. This will let people know you are 31137.


Make it scary. Not something simple that describes you or anything about you but something nasty like hellgod or deathbringer , you know just so people will

think you are K00L.


Join a warez group or if you want to be really 31337 start your own i suggest the name W.M.A this stands for WaReZ MoBsTaS of AmErIcA ....this way everyone

will know you listen to tupac and you are really in a gang and that if " Da TaLk SuM mO sHizNiT YoU Is gOnNa CoMe To Da HoUsE" then always ask for their

address this will make them think you are going to come and shoot them. Anyways after you start you group make a rad ass tag to put on all your warez. Then

send it out and this way people will know you are elite. I recomend sending a mass mail to tosemail1 , this waaay tosemail1 will tell all the guides not to fuck with

you because you have a kick ass punter.


after you have a cool ass handle go into all the 2600 newsgroups and post alot of messages asking for loops and how to jackpot atms this way people will know

what you are talking about.


now you have all the respect you could ever want just go into phreak and tell them you and your boyz can sk00L them.


Section 1: Getting Online By: 0rin

To get online from your house, you must first own a computer. You can find these at Garage Sales, Electronics Catalogs, or your friendly Radio Shack. Make sure

to make it clear to the person you are purchasing the computer from that you are using it for hacking intentions. Once you have acquired a computer, check and

see if it has a modem. A modem could be a small box with lights on it, and an outlet for a telefone jack, or a large telefone reciever on the back of your

computer...Be careful, this fone may _only_ be used for calling other computers, and never for personal calls! Usually these fones are monitored by the police, so

it would probably be your best bet to get an external modem, as there is no way the cops could listen in on an extension. Once you know you have a modem,

you're close on your way to becoming a real hacker. The next thing you should do is get an account on America Online immediately; this is the hacker's

playground, and you will meet many intelligent people there. To do this, it takes a little thinking. You should first get some AOL software. This is accomplished by

going up to your friendly mailman and asking him for a complimentary AOL installation disk. The government gives mailmen these disks to pass out free to the

public. Usually, the mailman will give you a short tutorial on the installation process (its widely known in the computer community that mailmen make the best

hackers). After you have created your AOL account, it is important to think of a good Screen Name (see appendix for some suggestions). Now, you are almost




Section 2: Looking Cool By: Orin

The most important thing about hacking is looking cool. If you look cool, people like you, and if people like you, you can fool them into letting you hax0r them. If

they don't think you look cool, they're probably lamers anyway. Looking cool is accomplished by having a bad-ass attitude, and unique personal qualities like

being a raver or a druggie. For instance, most people will think you are cool if you tell them you are female. They'll also think you're cool if you can make them

ph33r you. But, the art of ph33r will come in later chapters, as it is an advanced hacking skill. Right now, just follow this simple rule of thumb for looking cool:

Never talk about computers, and always throw in capital letters and numbers while typing. Oh and not to mention, in order to be a l33t0 hax0r j00 must be

arrested at least several times, since being arrested can sometimes prove to be difficult. Try these methods. I. Pranking the FBI

ahh yes a personal favorite of mine, pranking the FBI always a fun past

time especially since they can't trace it or nothing.

II. Hax0ring your way into ATM's

Take a mini computer ( a name I do not know ) and attach it to the ATM

(a method I do not know). You get this mini computer through the blackmarket.

Then the way everything works is I don't know, but I sure got caught and I

sure stole $ 4,000 and AND the authorities sure THREATENED me with computer

probation *gasp*. I did it so long ago I don't remember the rest. If you

don't believe me just ask DCY he knows everything because after all he is a

13 year old 7'2" hacker!!!

III. Calling the police

Now call the police and tell them you know about a drug dealing mafia super

villian type that lives next door, then give them your address but make

absoluely certain you have enough proof of your evil schemes, such as a to do

list like so

1. Do dishes

2. Clean living room

3. Pick up groceries

4. Take over the world

5. Baby sit the neighbors kid

6. Torture neighbors kid

7. Kill neighbors kid

8. Hide neighbors kids body



Also make sure to have plenty of your mind expanding drugs and such lying

around so if all else fails they'll make sure to arrest you over these. On

the off chance they refuse to, scream things like "Hack the Planet" and

"Roswell! Where its at !!" Don't worry about making any sense, real hax0rs

don't make sence and babble incoherently for hours on end (similar to the

Unabomber's manifesto).

Now that you have acheived l33tness by being arrested, you can brag about

how you got arested and how the CIA, FBI, and PLO are after you (its common

knowledge that the palastinian liberation organization have a great interest

in bringing computer hax0rs to justice so they can cut your hands off thus

denying you the ability to type well with your fingers at least which is why

we included a guide to typing with your toes on the off chance you have

already been captured by the PLO).

Never ever forget to take pride in hax0ring the FBI and CIA with Fate X

9123213; this is very l33t and you should never hesitate to brag about your

acomplishments. If somene says they do not believe you, hax0r there ass by

punting them (covered more theroughly later on).

Other ways to look |< |2 /\ [) include scrolling, mass mailings,

punting, and lets not forget the power of ph33r, if you threaten to turn off

everyones fone, cable, power, etc, they will ph33r you. When you say this,

everyone will always take you seriously and will go out on there porch and

sit in the rocking chair cradling there shotguns and drinking Jack Daniels

waiting for you.

Also, all hax0rs are racist, sexist, apocolyptic bastards, so support your

local redneck crackhead klan or whatever you call the kkk. Never ever forget

to refer to women as pussy and remember you can buy love (ie prostitution;

because sex and love are exactly the same thing. Now, I may sound like I am

being sarcastic but I assure you I am not, if you have any doubts in my

l33tness ask CDJ he is very smart. (that left a bad taste in my mouth)

The last way to look cool (and these are the only ways) is to claim your

down with Kevin Mitnick, the mentor, or are a part of LOD. This contributes to

how much people will ph33r you, but if they ask you any questions about them,

either ignore them or be exceptionally vague becuase otherwise they won't

take you serious, becuase real hax0rs never have facts they just say stuff

like "Me and Kevin Mitnick are best friends, we hax0r Gibsons together".

This will impress everyone and give you instant coolness, l33tness, and most

importantly, make you look cool.



Section 3: The art of ph33r by: Curt

Making People ph33r you doesn't come naturally. There is actually an art to it. To make people ph33r you, you MUST have a leeto burrito screen name first of all.

(see appendix for some suggestions). Second you MUST ask question like "R there any good hax0rs here?!? Gimme a good Nua dial-up for Unix if u dare". Now

that one is a MUST. Third, you will have to talk shit about people that call you a warez pup; when they do it, say something like "j0e m0mma!" then they will ph33r

you also. Another helpful way to make people ph33r is getting out Fate X 99 1/2 and hax0ring away at AOL and hax0r chat rooms. Call people lame too.... See

that wasn't hard at all, and people all ph33r you now. And NEVER EVER think you own sp0ck; ph33r sp0ck cause he owns YOU.



Section 4: The art of "fucking" by: Cirrus

First, you must learn what you are trying to accomplish. If you have intentions to steal, break, or destroy, read no further. You can easily take over someones

computer, (Well, ok, this is destructive) by obtaining thier IP address. Say, they are setting up an FTP server, or, just get them to tell you what it is. Now, you must

get some kind of a program, and Ping them, to find out if the are lagging or not. Now, ( if they have an FTP ) you can kill there FTP by using a port fucker. Put it to

"fuck" port 21 . If they don't have one, obtain a program called "WinNewk". That will just shut down thier computer to say the least, but, I will not get into how it

works this time. You can also use a pinger, and ping the hell out of them, which can sometimes have the effect of a Nuke. Next time I will teach you how to clone a

cellular fone with a pixy stick. Have fun!.. oh yeah, if I find out you were doing this shit to hurt something other than a Computer/Server/Host, like a teacher, or an

old friend with a new PC, I will fucking beat your ass.



Section 5: Advanced AOL Hacking Techniques by: IMP

After you have mastered basic |-|4><0|2ing skillz, you can move on to advanced methods. The first thing ya gots ta do to be a master |-|4><0|2 d00d is to go

into a W4R3Z room and spend a minimum of 4238923487 hours a week in there until you have every version of Fate available, plus 9 or more gigs of pirated

software. Now go into private room "Phreak" and offer to trade your W4R3Z for other W4R3Z. It's very 1337 to assume that people will ignore you when you only

say it once, so a true |-|4><0|2 will scroll it about 13 times, and as you should know by now, all in caps or LeeT0 WaReZ FoNT. If 3 seconds go by and no one's

responded in a positive manner yet, scroll it again, only this time try 2 dozen times to make sure you get your point across. And a true |-|4><0|2 always uses mucho

punctuation. (ie: ANYONE WANNA TRADE QUACKE FOR DUCK NUKKEM?!??!?!?!?!!?!!) Now, often times if one of the lamerz who hang out in that room and

ruin its general 1337ness happen to be there, they'll try to say some bullshit like "This isn't a warez room." Well, don't listen to them, use one of your many /<-Rad

punters and show them who's 1337. Make sure you advertise the punter 10 or 20 times before actually trying to punt them, this way you'll make them scared and

they'll probably apologize and stuff, which will make everyone else ph33r you. (See section 3) Occassionally when you try to punt them, you get an error message

that says their ims are off. No one is sure why this happens, it's probably something wrong with aol. Maybe they'll fix it in the next version, or maybe they're too

lame to have ims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMFOAJFHJLOLOLOLQWXMIDHENDIHAMEHIDNDFIWQNXDKCHAIRDQWDHADSHversion, or maybe they're too lame to

have ims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMFOAJFHJLO OK, but seriously, if your first punter doesn't w3rk, try 7 or 8 of your other punters. If it still doesn't work, just make fun of

their mom and say they're gay!



Section 6: Phreaking By: Anonymous

This section is on phreaking. Now, phreaking is fone hax0ring, and the first

thing you must learn to be a l33t0 phreaker is to substitute all f's with

ph's and all ph's with f's; until you have mastered this skill you are just

another lamer (like joey unless you do a righteous hack remember), also to be

a super duper phreaker you need some of the legendary colored boxes. To build

these boxes you need the following parts

Red Box- a box, red spray paint

Blue Box- a box, blue spray paint

Beige Box- a box, Beige spray paint

Now since these boxes ar so insanely difficult to construct we will take a

break so we can use our drugs and be a cool raver type. Becuase remember, all

supreme hax0rs are raver druggie types. its common knowledge. duh.



Section 7: Hacking with Fate by: Missy

Now this is the leetest stage there is. because Fate it the leetsest prog there is, a true foundation to the hacker community. There are many versions of Fate, but its

always good to have all the versions. (Little do people know, when you compile all the different source codes of Fate you have the security information to hack a

Gibson, very very 31337.) To get Fate go into a hacker private room, something like MM or even Fate (yes thats right, Fate even has its own room!) and start

scrolling your request. People will be obliged to help such a worthy cause. Now that you have obtained Fate you have to get a dial up, something like the FBI. You

can find these number listed in your local phone book. After you call them you may get what sounds like someone talking through your modem speaker. This is one of

their secret tatics to make you think that you got a wrong fone number. Once this has happened you have made contact, remember this is an important part, so keep

calling back. Now the connection has been made start pushing all the buttons on the Fate screen. This may look like its not doing anything, but thats only the

hidden screen so that nobody can see what you really doing. Which means its great to use this in school, or other open places. Now that the steps have been

completed get back on Amercia Online and tell everyone of your accomplishment. This will let them know how leet you are, and show them you are one to ph33r. (This

will help you get all the chix0rs, see later sections.)



Section 8: HaX0ring your local Gibson by: Mike

Any real haX0r will tell you that a Gibson is a huge supercomputer with amazing security. How do they know? How else? They watched "Hackers" and learned it all.

Now, the trick is to find one of these. All you have to do is call your friendly FBI office and ask them for a Gibson dialup. Make sure your intentions are clear, or

they'll lie to you. Next, go to Phreak and bug everyone asking if anyone can card you a laptop. When DCY is done ripping you off, take your laptop and magically

hook it up to a payphone. I won't get into how to do this, because its too 31337 for a beginner. Now, all you have to do is use a phone dialing program and call

the dialup. Once you've connected, Run in a cirle, stomp on the ground, strip naked and jump on top of the phone booth screaming to old women near you, "I AM

DADE MURPHY!!! PH33R ME!!!" then get down, and turn your brand new laptop on and off about 400 times really fast. This should give you a mail port. If it

doesn't, the Gibson doesn't properly ph33r you and you should get another number, but this time try calling the CIA. They're usually alot more friendly. Once

you've successfully gained access, be sure to post all of your achecivements on your local Warez/HaX0r/p0lice BBS.

(VERY IMPORTANT.....Make sure your not wearing Nikes while trying this. I'm not sure why, but it has something to do with compatibilty.)



Section 9: Extended phreaking By: Mr. Azure

"Real men use paperclips."

"This room's called leet for a reason." - Exodus##### from PR: leet

NOTE: If your worried about being caught, Please refer to the end of this article.

Alright, get all your little asses around here. Way back before you were making model airplanes, jerking off, and hax0ring, there where the Warriors of the Almighty

Paperclip. Armed with only with a paperclip and the occasionaly back hoe, these brave adolscents would use the combined power of these menial tools and their

intelligence to operate payfones in amazing ways. One of the most legendary and perhaps the best of the Warriors of the Almighty Paperclip was the vernerable

and supreme uberpaperclipman, Timmy. When Timmy was 10, he was playing on his fathers construction site. Timmy, being the child prodigy that he was, figured

out something amazing: if he took a paperclip, any old paperclip, and put it on the RT terminals (if the preceeding terms don't make sense, try doing what Timmy

does in the coming sentances of wonder) he would not only be shocked and possibly burned, but that fone would NOT WORK WHILE THE PAPERCLIP WAS IN

PLACE!! Timmy, because he was dropped on his head from a height of 10 feet at the age of 2, had a problem of not remembering. Foretunately for the phreak

community at large, a 2x4 came shooting out of no wear and hit Timmy in his now mishapened head. That wonderous peice of flying wood cemented the paperclip

into Timmy's memory*. So Timmy, who made a transformation comparable to that of Job's in The Lawnmower Man with a peice of wood, took his wheelchair to

payfones, and using one of those illustrious paperclips, managed to...

WAIT! I hear you bitching!

You stupid old schooler! What the HELL does this have to do with me?!

Is THAT what your saying?

Well, not much, but it was a nice story.

Actually, if your scrawny asses have ever seen Wargames, you would know that kid with the bad haircut managed to get a free call with a paperclip. Alas, today, it is

not as easy as it once was. See, back in Wargame's time, which, incedentally, for those who'd like to know when it was made, 15 years or so before the movie

Hackers**, paynfones used to be easy to phreak. But NO MORE!

In the last phreaking article, you may of heard about the red box, the blue box, and the beige box. If not, well then drink some more cuervo, sit back, and enjoy the

ride. For simplicity's sake, we'll start with a very useful box, the cardboard box. This is a relatively easy to make box, but you would be forgiven if the box wasn't

completed in under a day. To make a cardboard box, you'll need: a big cardboard box, a red box, a car, and some hard liquor. The only two ingredients essential are

the cardboard box and the hard liquor. Prefferably scotch. Speaking of hard liquor, in my next article, I'll be talking about old fashioned RPGs. Back to the subject

at hand. If you have your cardboard box and your scotch, it's time you find a payfone. Once the payfone is reached, drink a quarter of the bottle of scotch. And

not in those little girly swigs, I'm talking BAM! Then, after you get back up, take the receiver of the payfone and shove it through the top of the big cardboard box.

Dial a random 800 number, for example. Then proceed to get underneath the box, and practice fone copulation with the operator you reach. At every minute, or

when it feels best, continue to take large doses of the scotch. Remember: after this excursion, YOU MUST GO IN AOL AND SCROLL THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Otherwise, you really didn't phreak. And besides, the chix0rs and hax0rs'll never know of you then. And with cuspy bodies like they have, you can't miss out. I

hope this file has been helpful, if not, well, thank the cuervo for that.


1. Paperclip - Metal peice, found in offices, used to hold papers together. Or that's what they want you to think. In actuallity, the paperclip is an invention by a

grandmaster phr33k in the sky as a gift to all. (I met him once. He's a big boy, ya know. If you wanna meet him, try drinking some everclear and hitting your head


2. AOL - America Online. Of all networks, this is the best. All of the truly leet hax0rs and phr33ks inhabit AOL. Please refer earlier in this file for more about AOL.

3. MST3k- Funny show. Watch it or die.

4. South Park- Funny show. Watch it or die.



*This didn't actually happen. The paperclip was still in Timmy's hand, but the thought of it was in his brain permenantly. **True k-radness is shown also in

worshopping the movie Hackers. Thus, if you want to tell a fellow hax0r or phr33k a date, like if your birthyear 1984, you'd say "Oh, I was born 10 years before

before Hackers came out."



Section 10: Chix0rs, and How to get them. By 0rin

Chix0rs are one of the great rewards of being a truly 1337 hacker. The true hacker has all the chix0rs he desires as his fingertips. A chix0r is a female hacker. Of

course, girls *can't* be hackers, but, its nice to have a few who pretend; it adds diversity to the hax0r community. A good way find out if there are any chix0rs

around is to go into private rooms and ask around (i.e. "R THERE N E FEMALES IN DA ROOM?!?!!?!?!!@#!?"). I've heard there are lots of girls in a private room

called Phreak, but, thats just a lame \\'aReZ room. So, after you have determined that there are indeed chix0rs inhabiting your room, its probably a good idea to win

them over with your obviously 1337 charm. You do this by showing them who's boss. For example:

Xir0KewL: R THERE NE CHIX IN DA ROOM?!?!!@#!?!?!??!

Chix0r43: Argh, there they go again :-/

Xir0KewL: CHIX0R, R U FEMALE?!?!

Chix0r43: I am genderless.


. Chix0r43: eh?


Chix0r43: hehe, i bet he feels inadequate


As you can seel, Chix0r43 obvously wants Xir0KewL, and its just a matter of him punting her a few times to get her to see this. A large part of obtaining chix0rs is

being ph33red (see Section 3). If you are ph33red by the chix0rs, it puts you one step closer to total hax0r domination (see Appendix).



Section 11: BBS hax0ring for dummies. By: Cochise

The first step to hacking a BBS (Bulletin Board System) is to find the phone number for one. The best way to do this is to go to the best hacking resource there

is, AOL. Go into all of the chat rooms, ecspecially the warez rooms, and scroll many times asking for a BBS number in your area code. IMPORTANT: you must scroll

many times or you will not get a number. After you scroll it about 100 times people will think you are so elite that they will give you a BBS number. Another way to

get a number is to subscribe to all of the hax0r mailing lists and newsgroups you can find and post many messages a day asking for a BBS number in your area

code. You can also tell them your phone number, that helps out alot. And once you have the number the hard part is over.

The next thing you have to do is dial the number with your communication software. HyperTerrible™ is the best, but it only comes with Microsoft Unix 97, so use

whatever you have. Once you connect login with a name like John Q. Phreak just so everyone knows that they should ph33r you (See Section 3). Once you get on

download everything you can find, even if you dont know what it is. But dont be a leech, make sure your upload/download ratio is at least 300:1. Send messages

to the sysop and tell him how "/<- r4D" he is and ask if you can upload your 31337 warez to the board (and do it anyways even if he says no). Become friends

with him and find out a time when no one will be at his house. Then look up his address in the phone book (because being the l33t hax0r you are you already know

his real name). Now this is where the real hacking begins.

Before you go hax0ring around you must have the proper tools:

1) Hard liquor (See Section 9)

2) An axe (more on this later)

3) Your laptop (of course you have a laptop youre 31337)

The next step is to go to his house (you may use tool number one at any time). Then you must find an exploit that will let you into his house (break in). If you can

not find one, brute force hacking (with the axe ) is always good. Then make your way to the where the computer is. This is your moment of zen, you are now about

to hax0r a BBS. The next thing you do is get the axe and hold it as far back as you can, then bring it down as hard as you can hacking the CPU, monitor,

keyboard, mouse and any other computer parts you see. The last step in becoming a BBS Uberhax0r is to plug your laptop into the modem and immediatly sign on

to AOL and start bragging about your accomplishment and letting everyone marvel in your glory so they know how lame they really are.



Section 12: Advanced Hacking Techniques by: gat0r (ali)

DiScLaImEr: ThIs FiLe Is WrItTeN fOr InFoRmAtIoN pUrPoSeS oNlY-iF yOu GeT cAuGhT dOiNg AnYtHiNg IlLeGaL iT iZ n0t My FaUlT!@#$%@#$%.

INTR0: Yo, gat0r here, keepin it real. i wrote dis gizzit cuz i'm all about the phreedom of information. (well, i'm really not. if i cared about the phreedom of

information i'd get a job at the public library. i really wrote this file to satisfy my ego and advance my social status in hacking circles. maybe someday a kewl looking

hacker chick like acid burn will have sex with me.) topics discussed in hea will not be about encryption, sploits, protocols or any of that lame shit. what this is all

about is what REAL hackers do: get inf0z.

PART_1: GeTtInG aCcEsS tO YoUr LiBrArY

Ok, hackers want information. they love information. info turns them on. Now, s'pose you suck. this shouldn't be hard. now let's s'pose you want to learn unix...you

heard eggheads talk about it in chatrooms and it sounds elite. But wait! Silicon Toad doesn't have any good filez on it. you wanna know why? he sucks ass. but

that's besides the point. A source of good info on unix would be your public library! i know, i know...they took away your library card for never returning

_coping_with_being_a_loser_. But i figured out a way to help you get your info. just walk in, ask the librarian for books on unix (using the card cataloge is far too

advanced for you right now) and then sit down and read it. Problems? Here's a list of what may have went wrong (btw- don't do these in the future):

-you went when they are closed.

-you went naked, cops arrested you, then anally raped your arse.

-all the metal shit on yer pierced face set off the stolen book detectors.

It's that easy. Now get some Kn0wLeDgE.

PART_2: GeTtInG iNf0z On PeOpLe

For some reason, knowing someone's name, address, telephone number, etc etc is real elite. Just ask s010 from CRH. In all his zines he gets inf0z on those sinnerz

dorks. god damnit, this is so dumb i won't even write it. just use a f00kin telephone book. wow, i 0wN j00. i got your telephone numbers. look at me guys, i'm cool.

damnit...alcohol is kiickin in. PART_3: Reading

Ok, i'm sober again. Reading is an important technique/skill hackers master. Being able to read helps you understand the words in book that give you elite k-rad

knowledge. Call 1800-abcdefg for more info on how to read. once you learn how to read, you're all set.

ENDTRO: Fuck you all. seriously. each and every one of you. i 0wn you all. i am elite and you can all lick my balls. king kong size balls for that matter.



Section 13: Why Hack? By: BudWeisErz

This question has stumped man kind sense the beginning of time. After many years of studding I have concluded to the answer. It is very difficult to understand

this conclusion. So people who are not K-Rad Hax0rs:

1) Pick up a sledge hammer

2) Hit yourself in the head 5 times

3) Say "Owe" or if you prefer "Shit!"

4) Hit the back button on the top left side of the screen

5) And finally say "Josh owns me" 500 times

But if you are a K-Rad Hacker, you will understand this quite easily. What I have discovered might send the Earth spiraling towards the sun very fast, but I'll take

my chances. (Note: If it does send the Earth spiraling towards the sun very fast...sorry)The answer to the question "Why Hack?" would have to be "Why Not?" You

can use this answer to the abominable question against the warez pups (or WaReZ PuPs). Here is a dialog of a warez pup along time ago that I remember, but not

very detailed. Our conversation was kind of like this:

Warez Pup: ArE YeW uH ReAl HaCkOr?

BudWeisErz: No, I am a fake :)

Warez Pup: I ThInK HaCkOrs ArE GaY.

BudWeisErz: Why, my handle is Zero Cool and a am 31337

Warez Pup: WhY HaCk WHen YoU cAn HavE ProGs?

BudWeisErz: (Spends 3 years thinking) Why not?


OnlineHost: HD Gone has entered the room.

OnlineHost: XIronSkull has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Cochise156 has entered the room.


BudWeisErz: I know.

XIronSkull: SO DO I!!!!

BudWeisErz: I know that too.


BudWeisErz: Hey! No pictures...unless you pay me!

XIronSkull: Ok

HD Gone: Ok

Cochise156: Ok

OnlineHost: Charlie000 has entered the room.

Charlie000: I have LOTS of gas!!! I am farting up a storm!

BudWeisErz: But you worship me too, right?

Charlie000: Oh yeah!

OnlineHost: EvrcleaRer has entered the room.

EvrcleaRer: I LOVE BUD!!! I WORSHIP HIM!!!

BudWeisErz: Well i am just the popular one, arnt I?

OnlineHost: GoldMatrix has entered the room.

GoldMatrix: BudWeisErz is leet! I WORSHIP HIM!!!!!

BudWeisErz: okay, okay...stop drulin'

OnlineHost: Steve Case has entered the room.

Steve Case: Bud- do you want my job?

BudWeisErz: Sure, i guess..

Steve Case: Okay, its yours..and do you know why?

BudWeisErz: Let me guess..


Steve Case: Do you want 10000000 bucks?

BudWeisErz: Oh, i dont know..

Steve Case: Please!!!!!

BudWeisErz: Fine! GEEZE! I'll take it.

Steve Case: I can also buy you a slut.

BudWeisErz: I dont want to have sex with your MOM!!!!

Steve Case: OH! PLEASE!

BudWeisErz: NO! I will take your job, your money, but NOT your slut mom!

So, if you use this technique, something like this will happen...so try it today!

I hope you have learned a lot from the years and years of studying I have accomplished. But I will be writing another text in 5 years about "What is a 3.5 disk?"




Section 14: How to idle on IRC by: Xironskull (skullz)

Alright little kiddies, you've all been wondering, how do people idle on irc for so long? I go to all those elite channels and I can never idle like the Opz0rs can. Well

kiddies what you gotta do is get a crappy ass computer. Better yet, the best computer your mommy will buy you, then you have to stick the worst version of linux

on it that you can find. Don't fix any of the bugs on it and put on the worst version of sendmail you can find, then you use ircii to sign on irc and you idle in #hack,

#phreak, #hacker, you get the idea. To idle like the best you need to sign on the busiest server you can find, then you need to place a 10 dollar bill on top of your

computer, no joke, a 10 dollar bill. Then you cant touch the computer for a few days, if you touch it, this wont work.(Im not bullshitting you) Second you have to be

careful not to say ONE word in the channel, no matter how many people try to talk to you, you have to not say anything, one thing you can do is make a idle away

line, that says something like " away:: Im hax0ring the fbi, gone[1d14hrs2m]"

Once people see that you've been idle that long, and you've been hax0ring, then you'll be the most 31337 person in the channel and everyone will give you

Opz0rs and you will become a hero in the h4x0r world, but be sure never to talk in the channels, cause if you do then they'll realize your not 31337, just some 13

year old kid who thinks he a cool ass faggot. Oh, and be sure to get on a AOL for your isp service, because thats the best service to idle on ever, in order to get on

AOL from your 31337 linux box you will have to get the wine emulator which is extremely buggy and has tons of security holes, but dont worry, everyone will

think your 31337 when you come in the channel with an AOL isp and idle for days without ever leaving. SO remember you wanna be 31337, you wanna play the

game? You gotta idle with the best of them

Peace out




Section 15: How to 0wn People That 0wn You. by: Ozy


OK, I bet youre wondering, "now that i am a leet h4x0r and 0wn everyone, what can i do now?". Well, the best place to start is to make people ph34r you so much

that they cower in abject terror at the very mention of your name. This may seem difficult to achieve, but it isnt. Think about what would make you super leet0, thats

right, being INVINCIBLE, like superman. This is a log of what happened to me the other day.

<h4x0r> sfingaz, you are a cunt, i will 0wn j00.

<sfingaz> 3y3 ph34r j00 n0r7, f0r 3y3 h4v3 4 f1r3w4||!!

<h4x0r> please, forgive me. i meant no harm. dont hurt me, Mr Leet, if i may call you that.. or would you prefer Sir?

Did you see that?? he was TOTALLY 0wn3d. and because of the magic word, FIREWALL. Now you may ask, "how can i be as oh so leet and all 0wn1ng as you,

Sir?", well its easy, simply stop downloading pr0n for long enough to get a copy of CONSEAL FIREWALL. this is the program all uber h4x0rs use to protect

themselves and make themselves invincible.

Once you have leeched it from a warez/pr0n site you got off #exceed, install the program (i dont remember how to do this part, so just read the manual) and then

you are protected. THEN, connect to AOL and when conseal pops up a window saying "allow x.x.x.x on port x through" or something like that, just click accept,

cause thats how you make your own CUSTOM SUPER LEETO BURRITO FIREWALL RULESET. Initially it may take a while of clicking accept, but eventually you

will own everyone cause you will have the leetest and most complete ruleset ever, and noone will be able to mess with you, and if they try, you can make them

ph33r just like i do.