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Stop Indian State Terrorism In Kashmir !!


"We have declared that the fate of Kashmir is ultimately to be decided by the people of Kashmir. That pledge we have given not only to the people of Kashmir, but to the world. We will not and cannot back out of it."
3rd November 1947,
Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru,
Prime Minister Of India.
"I should like to make it clear that the question of aiding Kashmir in this emergency is not designed in any way to influence the state to accede to India. Our view which we have repeatedly made public is that the question of accession in any disputed territory or state must be decided in accordance with wishes of people and we adhere to this view."
(Telegram 402 Primin-2227 dated 27th October, 1947 to PM of Pakistan repeating telegram addressed to PM of UK.)

As reported by Amrita Bazaar Patrika Calcutta, on 2nd January, 1952, while replying to Dr. Mookerji's question in the Indian Legislature as to what the Congress Government going to do about one third of territory still held by Pakistan, Pundit Nehru said, " It is not the property of either India or Pakistan. It belongs to the Kashmiri people. When Kashmir acceded to India, we made it clear to the leaders of the Kashmiri people that we would ultimately abide by the verdict of their Plebiscite. If they tell us to walk out, I would have no hesitation in quitting. We have taken the issue to United Nations and given our word of honour for a peaceful solution. As a great nation we cannot go back on it. We have left the question for final solution to the people of Kashmir and we are determined to abide by their decision."

Over 50,000 civilians brutally murdered by the Indian Army during the course of the past fifty years.

When will the world wake up from it's slumber and see the atrocities being committed in Kashmir?

When will the UN decide it has waited long enough for it's resolutions on Kashmir to be met by the Indian Government and that it was time for the "civilized world" to force India into keeping its promises?

Now that Sikhs have been targeted in the valley of Kashmir with the obvious intent to make the two cultures (muslims and sikhs) fight amongst themselves and to malign the freedom struggle, how long does the world think it will take before the rest of the minorities in Kashmir (save the hindu of'course) start being targeted and murdered in the same fashion?

By the way, did someone in the Indian Govt. say "We are funding/maintaining the security at NIC." ?  :-)
WOW, with this level of "funding/maintaining" of security, it would be fun to hack Ash's arse. *grin*

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