Admin, no harm no foul :> Owned by mojo. I saw a homeless man in the street yesterday. And I thought they were all the same. Some have broken legs, Others no feet, and broken arms. Society took inches from his height, put him in a wheelchair, made him strain with all his might, to wheel himself to shelter. As he wheeled below the Elevated-train, It took years off his life, His face turned blue and sweaty, as he strained with all his might. There! Where the rough gudders of the squalid city merged, He waited. Where a car from behind, license plated MD, honked and horned him away, his determination was clear. He shot a glance at the people of the street. The traffic light took a year. I would like to thank everyone who has ever helped a homeless person and those who continue to help them. Don't just treat the rich, there is a world of people who need your help. Greets to #sesame, slic vic, jackie and everyone else, you know who you are! Welcome to the New World Order. remphys <!-- web hack mirror - watermark or something -->