:: [ m O s ] ::

This defacement - a well deserved slap in Vajpaye's Face :-)


    Bad boy Vaj-slut-paye, you simply don't get it, do you?
    Pakistan is a NUCLEAR state now, doofus! Mess with us and you might just wake up to see a mushroom cloud covering some 1,000,848,550 arses!!

    Ok, now for some of our (now OLD) demands...

    1. Leave Kashmir.
    2. Stop killing innocent women and children and telling the world they were "terrorists".
    3. Stop harrassing minorities and dececrating their places of worship.
    4. Hang Bal Thakray.... no wait, cancel that, hand him over to us, we have some guys in the crew who love to sodomize black indian arses.
    5. Buy us a good spell checker !@
    6. if [$demands = 6]; then goto 1; fi

    You might have noticed how this is a very short defacement.. well, we already had our pizza and right now want to get back to the burping etc.

    Now for the regular sections, you have all come to love :-)

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:: [ m O s ] :: - Zor Ka Jhatka, Dheray Se Lagay

P.S. For future references, it's mOs .. NOT Harkat-ul-mOs! and guess what.. mOs is not one word either!!