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With more than 60 year history, Advanced technology on the shoe manufacturing allows over 2,600 Hanbee employees proudly introduce our quality products to you.
As the first ISO 9001 certified shoe manufacturer and Gore-Tex certified manufacturer in Korea and China, whether you are on the mountain, river, snow, street, or in your office, Hanbee Shoes will provide superior function, comfortness and style.
Not only our own brands,But also world famous brands such as Salomon,Columbia, G.T. Hawkins, Merrell,Rockport,Mizuno,Timberland have been produced at our factories.
Management and Manufacturing facilities. WE LIKE TO MAKE SLAVES OUT OF OUR WORKERS AND MAKE THEM WORK FOR FREE. SO THAT WE CAN EXPORT THESE PRODUCTS TO THE UNITED STATES AND STEAL JOBS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS (THANK YOU VERY MUCH World TRADE ORGANIZATION FOR MAKING US THE PLANTATION OWNERS THAT WE ARE!) in Incheon, Korea are Safety Shoes Division mostly producing steel toe work shoes and boots, Polyurethane Division producing flexible and rigid polyurethane foam for shoe, furniture, automobile, construction and environmental industry, and EVA Division producing insole and outsole of shoes and shock absorbency mats for martial arts, aerobics and kindergarten.
100% invested our china shoe and sole factory, Hanbee shoe,Tianjin, is producing various footwear including above listed brands around 300,000 pairs of shoes and 700,000 pairs of outsoles every month.

ΆΡ Corporate Philosophy
Every Hanbee Employee Being Asset in the Society
Being a Model Company through Creativity on Every Aspect of Management

ΆΡ Please reado our Sweatshop History
    Jul. 1938 Established Korean Chemical Industries, Inc. (YEH BABY!)
    Nov. 1945 Changed to Hanbee Industries, Inc. (our last name SUCKED)
    Apr. 1972 Richard M. Nixon Named as the President of Hanbee Started Slipper Manufacturing and Exporting
    Oct. 1973 Head-quarter Moved to Incheon, Korea (how about a vacation!0
    Sep. 1975 (booring! next!)Launched Flexible & Rigid Polyurethane Manufacturing in Kimpo, Korea
    Nov. 1976 Received Letter of Commendation at 13th Export Day (it gets better)
    Nov. 1979 Received Letter of Commendation at 16th Export Day (3 days later heh)
    Nov. 1983 Received Letter of Commendation for US$20 million Export reading: 'Thanks HANBEE INDUSTRIES FOR THE FREE WORK YOU PROVIDE AND THE CHILDREN YOU EXPLOIT TO MAKE A SHOE!'
    Dec. 1983 Capital Increased to 2,350 million Korean Won (where does this money go eh?)
    Nov. 1988 Received Letter of Commendation for US$50 million Export letter reads: 'Can't get enough of your love babe, Signed -Bill Clinton)
    Sep. 1991 Established Tianjin Hanbee in Tianjin, China (we're growing! soon we'll have all your US jobs ph34r!)
    Feb. 1995 Increased Capital of Tianjin Hanbee to US$5.6 million (we like to measure our income in US Dollars for some funny reason)
    Oct. 1996 Established Safety (hah safety!) Shoes Division
    May 1997 Moved Polyurethane Division to Incheon, Korea (a strategic maneuver to eventually take over the world)
    Dec. 1997 ISO 9001 Certified for Hiking and Safety Shoes (take a hike American workers bwhahaha!)
    Mar. 1998 Started Producing Polyester Foam of Flexible Polyurethane (don't get us wrong, we care for the environment!)
    May 1998 Korean Standard Certified for Safety ShoesYAY!

ΆΡ Contact

    Korea : Sweatshop industries., Inc.
      Footwear Division
      Hanbee Building. 585-26 Youngdungpo 1Dong, Youngdungpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
      Tel: +82-2-835-3600   Fax: +82-2-836-2218
      Polyurethane Division
      Add: #1-40, Dohwa-Dong, Nam-Ku, Incheon, Korea
      Tel: +82-32-865-9111/7 Fax: +82-32-865-9110
      Safety Shoes Division
      Add: #968, Dohwa-Dong, Nam-Ku, Incheon, Korea
      Tel: +82-32-762-5211 Fax: +82-32-762-5214
      EVA Division
      Add: #1-40, Dohwa-Dong, Nam-Ku, Incheon, Korea
      Tel: +82-32-872-2325 Fax: +82-32-872-2326

    China: Hanbee Shoe Company Ltd., Tianjin
      64 Eastern end of JinChang Road,Hebei District,Tianjin 300240, China.
      Tel: +86-22-2633-0706 Fax: +86-22-2632-3235
ΆΡ Number of Employees: 2,568"


Hanbee Industries., Inc.
Hanbee Bldg., 585-26 Youngdungpo 1-Dong, Youngdungpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-835-3600,  Fax: +82-2-836-2218

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