#phreak.nl hits Computational Sciences at TU Delft


What a silly thing that the Faculty of Computation should get hacked/defaced/0wned by a bunch computer anarchists.
It is such a remarkable thing that institutions like Universities that are supposed to teach one a subject as computation seem to have no form of security overall.
Perhaps an attack like this shall rouse you all from your pathetic arrogance and shows you the real implications of your stupid security.

To all who does care we have included the directpry structure of this server and a dump of all the Windows boxes shared on this network to make sure that people like the administrator of this b0x will not be able to state: Oh, they just defaced the main page - it's not that they 0wned all our data, walked around as IUSR_SYSTEM and so on...

Click here for tha Hard Drive!
Click here for tha Network! (net use ahoy! :)

I hope we have been able open up your eyes for this time - Take care

Major Cheers to: hackelaar for pointing this box out

Greetings to: #15-20 #phreak.nl ADM DutchThreat (are you guys dead?) Attrition PacketStorm w00w00 hack.co.za and everyone we forgot

Love to: Hester, Dopey, Maja, Els (Oh my, this list is growing)

A big fuck goes to: Gerrie Mansur for going politically correct but still making illegal hacking attempts (The JP of the Netherlands has been born!) I wonder how a single person can be so naive...

With kind regards: #phreak.nl