here to say that world still hasn't secured their computers, and probably never will.

Also, Brazilians can't hack, they only FP. Also, if you have got something to say to me, do it in English and not Portuguese, coz I fucking hate that.

For the rest: All you Crime Boys and OHB'ers fucking suck. I'm on the net for 5 minutes and I get this FP site, you redeface a site 6 times: learn first before you go showing off your lame skills. And it also sucks bad ass that you guys can't speak English. I don't live in an English speaking country, but I can speak it, so why can't you? Brazil isn't exactly the middle of the world you know!




a talk with a dumb FP'er. At least he knew English.
> = him.
(he did: www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/2000/02/25/www.lgenterprises.threadnet.com/ )

>can u tell me something?
>how i can get the fp password when you receive a 403

you don't.

>you can't get the password?

not then.

>you know where can i get good txts about fp vulnerabilities?

I guess you read my text right?

>i'm gonna get that

Open up Windows Explorer, in the left tree directory you'll see a map called Web Folders at the bottom of the list
In the case of FP98:
start program, choose: open web.
then type in name and hit: list webs

>that trick i know
>but i never founded a server who don't ask for a password

:) I'll find you a .br site that doesn't as for it.

>it's hard.........
>and some say that use an authentication scheme (ntlm) that is unsupported by frontpage

sometimes that happens, but I'll find you a .br site in 10 minutes

>do it

This shit is too simple.

>it works
>did u have a scanner or something like that to find vulnerable hosts?

Just a search engine,
and that's why I think people like Crime Boys and OHB are so fucking gay and why everyone hates Brazilian defacers:
one they can't hack even though they want to (no offense)
and almost none can speak english.

>what search engine ?
>altavista, lycos?
># little note: they can't do ANYTHING alone for some reason. :) #
just find your own!

>the last question
>for what u search?


>please tell me just that

btw: if I see you send that .gov to Attrition, I'll be pissed

>why not?
>attrition is c00l
>and i put a password on that host
>and a gr33tz to u

Coz Attrition is lame because of all the FPing Brazilians now.
I hacked the Michigan USA Government website with FP! And I didn't put that up did I?
www.state.mi.us btw.
# otherwise Attrition rocks! I love to see all the non NT defacements #
>_vti_btw ??


>_vti what?
>please dude

just _vti !
coz that automatically does _vti_pvt _vti_cnf _vti_inf and all.
so fuck off now, coz if you're too dumb for that, leave me alone.
I helped you to the best of my powers.
but YOU have to figure things out by yourself to.

# then the idiot grins. #
>i've decided not to hack that site

ok, Why?

>because u get that host
>and i have to find my own hosts to hack ok?


>and no one can access that site
>i put a password protection

:) Nice.

>i'm looking on altavista
>on advanced search for: link:"/_vti_pvt/"
#why in the hell do I care? #

>did u want account on any xxx site?


[the end]